Both honor and principle are treasures cherished by Alfred, Lord Tennyson and Jesus of Nazareth. The English poet touches on these concepts in the last six lines of his “Ulysses.”

‘Tho much is taken, much abides; and tho’
We are not now that strength which in old days
Moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are,
One equal temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.

And this Jesus, the Nazarene, according to Mark 8:36 throws more light on the subject when he says, “For what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul.?”

James Wilson Beaty
Jeremiah 22:16
May 31, 2017

Could the oppressed ever find relief from the present-day Judges and Counselors? Isaiah of Jerusalem says, “Yes!”

Isaiah 1:24-28
“Therefore the Lord, the Lord Almighty, the Mighty One of Israel, declares: ‘Ah, I will get relief from my foes and avenge myself on my enemies. I will turn my hand against you; I will thoroughly purge away your dross and remove all your impurities. I will restore your judges as in the days of old, your counselors as at the beginning. Afterward you will be called the City of Righteousness, the Faithful City. Zion will be redeemed with justice, her penitent ones with righteousness. But rebels and sinners will both be broken, and those who forsake the Lord will perish.'”
Isaiah 32:5-8
“No longer will the fool be called noble nor the scoundrel be highly respected. For the fool speaks folly; his mind is busy with evil; he practices ungodliness and spreads error concerning the Lord; the hungry he leaves empty and from the thirsty he withholds water. The scoundrel’s methods are wicked; he makes up evils schemes to destroy the poor with lies, even when the plea of the needy is just. But the noble man makes noble plans, and by noble deeds he stands.”

Imagine your city being called, “a City of Righteousness and Justice.”

James Wilson Beaty
Jeremiah 22:16
August 27, 2016

Exhibit 26 Robinson – Orr email re: Baker Donelson

Exhibit 26, entitled “Robinson – Orr email re: Baker Donelson” is one of 28 filed on July 11, 2014, in Judge Craig Schwall’s Superior Court of Fulton County, Georgia. The Baker Donelson Law Firm attorneys are Steve Hall and Bob Brazier. Much background information should be provided before this Exhibit 25 is quoted here. The exhibit is presented as evidence against defendants Central Atlanta Progress (CAP), Atlanta Downtown Improvement District (ADID) and developer Manny Fialkow’s various companies that change names with each new tide. The City of Atlanta, a huge player in the conspiracy was long ago removed from the lawsuit, enjoying the federal protection of Sovereign Immunity. The City is not IMMUNE from wrongdoing; it is IMMUNE from punishment for wrongdoing.

First of all, the chances of the City of Atlanta, the plantation-minded Central Atlanta Progress (CAP), the hazy Atlanta Downtown Improvement District (ADID), or the slippery developer Manny Fialkow ever facing any kind of legal opposition are infinitesimal. Naboth and his vineyard had no chance against King Ahab  (I Kings 21). Our JUST US SYSTEM protects the strong against the weak. You don’t sue the City. Henry VIII is above any law and could not be tried for murder or for any other crime he committed. If the City’s SWAT team kicks in the wrong door and shoots an elderly woman, then there could be, possibly, a settlement. If the City’s FINEST raid a gay bar at the wrong time with the wrong clubs using the wrong procedures, perhaps repercussions could follow.

But a despised shelter on hallowed Peachtree Street with huge numbers of poor African-American men (and now 100 women and children) could never have its day in court. And surely not if that facility is located 1000 feet from the Christian stronghold of faith, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church. Our JUST US SYSTEM, especially in Fulton County, Georgia, would not be caught dead allowing conspirators of this ilk to be exposed for stealing a shelter’s property. Keep in mind that Emory University and Emory Health Care, Inc. are leading perpetrators in this conspiracy; however, their protector is not Fulton County Court but the neighboring Superior Court of Dekalb County. They are birds of a feather.

Myrtle Davis is a revered and righteous woman in Atlanta, a former member of Atlanta City Council and a one-time Atlanta mayoral candidate. She serves our City honorably. She happens also to be a vital member of the Board of Directors of the Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless. Waiting with me thirty minutes before one of the many hearings in Judge Schwall’s Superior Court of Fulton, she made a telling statement. I paraphrase her comment. She said that she never dreamed the remotest possibility of an Atlanta law firm taking on the City and representing a non-profit organization. We marveled together that the prestigious Baker Donelson firm had done just that.

I marveled further at what I saw in the hall of the courthouse that day. Before my eyes there appeared two men standing beside the courtroom door. Dressed imperially, both leaned and huddled against the wall. One sported a protestant clerical collar complemented by a suave black suit. The other donned what appeared to be a Brooks’ Brothers suit accentuated by alligator (perhaps rattlesnake) shoes. The Brooks’ Brothers’ brother was Manny Fialkow, defendant in the lawsuit, collared in a reputation not all that clean. The cleric was Dan Matthews, CEO of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, located less than a thousand feet from the Peachtree Pine facility. Insiders at St. Luke’s Episcopal tell me that Matthews becomes visibly flushed at the mention of the Peachtree Pine facility. There they nestled, the collared cleric and the corporate climber united. Shakespeare’s TEMPEST came to my mind. “Alas, the storm is come. . . . Politics make strange bedfellows.” I know that neither Matthews nor Fialkow is a politician technically; nonetheless, two more political beings you will not find.

Exhibit 26 features five (5) emails among CAP President A. J. Robinson and CAP Project Manager, Richard Orr and Sammy Williams, Atlanta Chamber of Commerce.

Email #1
From: AJ Robinson
Sent: Monday, December 8, 2008 1:04 PM
To: Richard Orr
Also, Debi was supposed to get me names of Anita’s lawyers….

Email #2
From: Richard Orr
To: AJ Robinson
Sent: Mon Dec 8 13:25:30 2008
Subject: Attorney
Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz
Representing attorneys: Robert Brazier and Steve Hall

Email #3
From: AJ Robinson
Sent: Monday, December 6, 2008 1:26 PM
To: `Richard Orr
Subject: Re: Attorney
And big clients>

Email #4
From: Richard Orr
To: AJ Robinson
Sent: Mon Dec 08 13:49:30 2008
Subject: RE: Attorney

Linda A. Klein and Michael J. Powell are Managing Shareholders
Fairly large firm with offices in:
Atlanta, GA
Jackson, MS
Memphis, TN
Baton Rouge, LA
Knoxville, TN Nashville, TN
Beijing, China
London, UK
New Orleans, LA
Birmingham, ALA
Macon, GA
Oxford, MS
Chattanooga, TN
Mandeville, LA
Tri-Cities Tennessee/Virginia
Huntsville, TN
Memphis (East), TN
Washington, DC

No client list but a very broad spectrum of practice, especially litigation, including pro bono, see following from their web cite:
Atlanta, Georgia:
Attorneys in the Atlanta office are active in the Atlanta Volunteers Lawyers Association Project and provide pro bono representation to the poor in such matters as landlord-tenant disputes, domestic cases and other litigation matters.
Atlanta Pro Bono Coordinators
Clint Crosby,
Henry Levi,

Email #5
From: AJ Robinson
Sent: Monday, December 08, 2008 7:51 PM
Cc: Richard Orr
Subject: Fw: Attorney
See below, BakerDonelson are on wrong side of City, business community, and all govt entities providing homeless resources in Atlanta. It is rumored they are preparing to sue the city on behalf of Anita Beaty and her dysfunctional homeless operation. This would be a terrible mistake and will haunt them for years in Atlanta.

The 5th email above comes from AJ Robinson, President of CAP to Sam Williams, President of Atlanta Chamber of Commerce. Everyone over 5 years of age and awake hears all kinds of threats these days. I wonder in what category of threats one places this sentence, “This would be a terrible mistake and will haunt them for years in Atlanta.” At the time AJ Robinson first asked about the attorneys who might dare “sue the City on behalf of Anita and her dysfunctional homeless operation,” there were a few things he did not know. He soon learned that the Baker in Baker Donelson is Senator Howard Baker of Tennessee who uncovered Richard M. Nixon and the Watergate Scandal. Remember, “What did he know and when did he know it?” Robinson now knows that his own words in hundreds of confiscated documents exposed his own little CONSPIRACYGATE. Don’t fail to recognize that the Williams at The Chamber is Alastair J. Robinson’s pal “Sammy” Williams who scurried from the C of C scene soon after the Atlanta Public Schools cheating scandal broke.

James Wilson Beaty
Jeremiah 22:16
February 1, 2015

Exhibit 23 Emory Outted: A Major Planner In The Conspiracy Maelstrom

The following document is the 23rd of 28 exhibits filed on July 11, 2014, in Judge Craig Schwall’s Superior Court of Fulton County, Georgia. The evidence presented in this particular Exhibit 23 comes in the lawsuit that pits the Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless, Inc. v. Central Atlanta Progress (CAP), Atlanta Downtown Improvement District (ADID) and Manny Fialkow’s Ichthus Community Trust, Inc. or Benevolent Community Investment Company, Inc. or Premium Funding Solutions, Inc. or whatever newly created Fialkow company that may have surfaced this week. The following Exhibit 23 consists of a chain of 5 emails written by people who at the time were committed to wresting “by any means necessary” the Peachtree Pine building from the Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless, Inc. Obviously, taking the building would remove The Task Force and 700+ homeless people from that property at 477 Peachtree Street in Atlanta. A twelve year conspiracy had brewed by the time of these emails in May of 2009.

Attorney Steve Hall for convenience and working purposes identifies each exhibit for the Court. Hall identifies Exhibit 23 as “Jones-Robinson email.” My titles target what I see to be a nugget of evidence that exposes wrongdoing by a player or players involved in this ripening conspiracy. Hall’s masterful compilation of the 28 exhibits tells a story; it writes a novel. And CAP’s A. J. Robinson’s email to Cousins Properties’ Craig Jones introduces the denouement, the unraveling of the plot of this interminable saga.

If I were teaching Hall’s 28 exhibits as a novel, and I am; I would show how there begins in Exhibit 23 an unraveling that exposes; the truth is coming out. The opening bud of the plot’s unfolding begins. It proves the pure to be tainted. It shows the clean to be filthy. It suggests that the unsuspected are suspect. It renders the flawless to be flawed. It brings the hidden to light. It removes the cover from the heretofore covered.

The following Exhibit 23 consists of 7 short emails that show the conspirators in a bit of a rush. All 7 emails are written in a three-day span from May 13 – 15, 2009. A list of the senders and receivers with only a few exceptions reads like a Who’s Who of Atlanta elite; we are talking “cream of the crop.” There’s William W. Burton, Esq., Troutman Sanders; there’s Mike Jacobs, representing the lenders; there’s Robert D. Fortson, Esq., Troutman Sanders; there’s Craig Jones, Cousins Properties. And of course there’s A. J. Robinson reporting the, “I got Fialkow ready to go.” Any appearance of A. J. Robinson brings to my mind the poet, Percy Bysshe Shelley’s immortal words, “If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” Sure enough, where there’s Boss Robinson, Manny will not be far behind.

Exhibit 23 Jones-Robinson email follows:

Email #1
From: Burton, William W.
Sent: Wednesday, May 13, 2009 3:19 PM
To: Mike Jacobs
Cc: Fortson, Robert D.; A. J. Robinson; Burton, Williah H.
Subject: Central Atlanta Progress/Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless


I understand from your secretary that you are in a closing this afternoon. Attached please find the following draft documents:

(1) Revised and clean blackline version of the Confidentiality Agreement. The blackline compares this version to the version that you sent me yesterday; and
(2) Form of Loan Purchase Agreement that we previously prepared and submitted to ICE and Mercy.
Once you have a chance to review the attached documents please give me a call back to discuss.
William W. Burton, Esq.
Troutman Sanders LLP

Email #2
From: Burton, William H.
To: A. J. Robinson, Fortson, Robert D.
Sent: Thu May 14 18:24:29 2009
Subject: Central Atlanta Progress/Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless

Email #3
From: AJ Robinson
To: Craig Jones
Sent: Thu May 14,20:36:28 2009
Subject:Fw: Central Atlanta Progress/Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless

Craig, latest info….we need to call the question quick with Emory…I got Manny ready to go and he could flip it to Emory perhaps….once we get number, need to move fast.

Email #4
From: Jones, Craig
To: AJ Robinson
Sent: Thu May 14 20:37:24 2009
Subject: Re: Central Atlanta Progress/Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless
When can we get the purchase price number?

Email #5
From: AJ Robinson
To: Jones, Craig
Subject: Re: Central Atlanta Progress/Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless
I’m hoping if not tomorrow, early next week. But have no control.

Email #6
From: Jones, Craig
To: AJ Robinson
Sent: Thu May 14 21:04:27 2009
Subject: Re: Central Atlanta Progress/Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless
Can we call them and ask them to give us a range?

Email #7
From: AJ Robinson
Sent: Fri 5/152009 1:39:16 AM
Subject: Re: Central Atlanta Progress/Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless
Yes, will try in the am…

Note: Several facts are to be highlighted. Although Emory from day one has been a key player in the conspiracy to take the building known as the Peachtree-Pine facility, a place that 700 plus homeless people call home, neither Emory University nor Emory Health Care, Inc. is a defendant in the lawsuit ongoing in the Superior Court of Fulton County. The lawsuit against Emory University and Emory Health Care, Inc. is currently filed and ongoing in the Superior Court of Dekalb County, Georgia. Also, the REDACTED email #2 in Hall’s Exhibit 23 may prove to be a lawsuit “stopper.” Somebody, how high or how low, we don’t know, did not want those words to see the light of day.
Incidentally, the Peachtree-Pine facility last night, January 8-9, 2015 sheltered, fed and provided comfort for nearly 800 Atlanta people (men, women and children) who may have otherwise been outside in 18 degree weather. What was the temp over at United Way and at the City’s $50,000,000 model Gateway (no way for women and children) facility? Oh yes, what was Emory’s first choice of location for its Proton Therapy Center being built right now touching Ponce and Juniper and North Avenue?

James Wilson Beaty
Jeremiah 22:16
January 9, 2015

Millions of people throughout the social and local media have learned that the City of Atlanta refused to accept a $100,000.00 check in partial payment of an outstanding water bill at a facility for homeless people. A few days later the $582,383.53 bill was paid in full by the Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless, Inc. averting the water being shut off. The City’s devious plan was apparently foolproof and certainly extensive. Refusing the $100,000.00 proved TEAM GOLIATH did not want the money. They wanted those redundant people out of that building and away from downtown Atlanta. By law a water bill paid in full must be received. TEAM GOLIATH had no choice but to take the money. One of the City’s more disgruntled attorneys muttered something like they were so glad the Task Force was able to pay the bill. In truth, paying the bill is the last thing that person wanted. She and her coterie wanted the water turned off.

Had the City shut off the water at the Peachtree-Pine facility, her officials would have called Fulton County officials. And of course, for health reasons the County health folks for the good health of the people would remove them from UNHEALTHY Peachtree Pine. Those Atlanta citizens numbering children, their mothers and 400 men have nowhere to go; nevertheless, go they will if TEAM GOLIATH has a say.

The City of Atlanta through the auspices of United Way of Atlanta employed a fortnight or so ago a Crisis Team to come from New Orleans to Atlanta for the purpose of “TRANSITIONING” ALL the people out of and away from the Peachtree Pine Community. People were actually paid by United Way dollars and/or Atlanta tax payer dollars to come to Atlanta to be ready for the shutting off of the water. The Crisis Team was in the City for an undesignated period of time. They returned home the day after the half-million-dollar payment was made. City “officials” scheduled a meeting for Monday, September 29, 2014, away from City Hall, set for 1 pm with Task Force staff. The purpose of that meeting was to plan the placing of the 100 women with their children. That 1 pm meeting was cancelled by City Hall.

The need to “transition” women and children suddenly disappears as far as the United Way TEAM GOLIATH movers and shakers are concerned. TEAM GOLIATH stumbles regularly. More often than not, however, the monster, like all evil, rises soon to create more angst. Atlanta has a marvelous opportunity to be a City, a Jeremiah’s City, an Isaiah’s city, that City on a hill that spreads light, joy and hope.

Please pray that LEADERSHIP, real leadership that focuses on suffering men, women and children will come miraculously our way. And on the way to that utopia could we have some potholes filled and person-hole covers leveled. Where is the Great Shirley Franklin’s Pothole Posse when we need it. We have a $100,000,000.00 Streetcar Named Disaster and a thousand streets whose surfaces are an embarrassment. Isaiah 60:17b speaks of a rotten Jerusalem whose governors would be righteousness and whose rulers would be justice. Atlanta, no less guilty than a fallen Jerusalem, can change direction. Mark it well that it does not have to be this way. There exist two possibilities for relief for Atlanta: one, that the present regime do a moral about-face: or, two, that the present regime be extracted from below and beyond its deepest abscess. I fear that the latter has a greater chance of coming to pass than the former.

James Wilson Beaty
Jeremiah 22:16
October 1, 2014

Next Sunday, February 2, 2014, Super Bowl XLVIII (48) will be played at the Metlife Stadium in the Meadowlands of New Jersey. This stadium is the home field of the New York Giants. Some people believe that the late Teamster Jimmy Hoffa is buried in concrete in one of the end zones. This playing field is not too far from the much talked about George Washington Bridge that spans the mighty Hudson River. Weather vultures are speaking of a blizzard for that day; other media goons are talking traffic snarls.

Residents of the Peachtree Pine Community watch with great interest all Super Bowls. Some 300 plus homeless African American men at Peachtree Pine watched Super Bowl XLV (45) played on Sunday, February 6, 2011. Few of those men remember who won that game or where it was played. However, many of them remember a sermon preached that day at All Saints Episcopal Church at the corner of North Avenue and West Peachtree Street in Atlanta, Georgia. The sermon was delivered on Super Bowl Sunday, February 6, 2011. It carries the title, “Doing Justice,” and it was delivered by All Saints’ CEO, Rector Geoffrey Hoare, that’s Hoare with an “H.” All Saints Episcopal Church’s website published Rector Hoare’s diatribe. I assume the sermon can be read still. It may have been removed.

My blog posted a response to some of the Hoare lies about Peachtree-Pine Community on March 23, 2011. The men who live now at the Peachtree-Pine Community watch like Jeremiah’s almond tree in chapter one to see if Rector Hoare might give a repeat performance next Sunday, Super Bowl XLVIII (48). The men who polish the floors and clean the toilets and showers and scrub the sinks and empty the trash and case manage hundreds of women and children weekly want to know if he will say again that we live there in squalor and that their living quarters are filthy and unkempt. Hoare stated that the place is unsafe and dangerous. He’s right about that: that’s true some of the time of the outside, not inside, where drug dealers and pimps and whores, (that’s whores with a “W”) operate most of the time without any police interference. Our security volunteers say that for every Atlanta Police arrest there are fifteen drug deals in the open broad light of the day.

But one long block away, down the street at Renaissance Park there are no such shenanigans now because the neighbors around that park have DEMANDED that all drug users and dealers and prostitutes and pimps be arrested. The Community at Peachtree Pine has no such protection. I’ll bet a six pack of RC Cola that Woodruff Park and The Hurt, home of Central Atlanta Progress and ADID IT has that protection. Another six pack says that CEO Hoare’s business has police protection, business community protection, Peachtree Corridor Churches’ protection, Chamber of Commerce protection, United Way protection, Atlanta Regional Council protection, Atlanta City Council Protection, the Mayor’s Innovation Delivery Team protection and Farmers’ Insurance protection. One must ponder if Rector Hoare has the protection of THE EVERLASTING ARMS.

Read my March 23, 2011 piece and Hoare’s February 6, 2011, sermon preached from a Christian pulpit in an Episcopal church. Then wait for Super Bowl sermon next Sunday to see if Cicero delivers again.

James Wilson Beaty
January 25, 2014
Jeremiah 22:16