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September 30, 2010

I posted my first blog in the spring of 2009. One of our computer geniuses at the Task Force at that time was Tony Thomas. He set me up with WordPress and suggested that I write regularly what I know. That did not appeal to me very much. But I began writing out my frustrations. Debi Starnes, the perennial nemesis of homeless people and the Task Force was an early target in my “The HAG Delivers Again,” April 2009.

I relieved some of my stress by writing about the oppressors, conspiracy, the CONSPIRATA, that we now know have festered for at least fifteen years. B Wardlaw best describes this pirates’s lair in the last two pages of his, COCA-COLA ANARCHIST. If you have not yet bought his book, you can read his words in my blog posted September 10, 2010, entitled, “B Wardlaw’s Closing words of His COCA-COLA ANARCHIST.”

During that spring of 2009 the Task Force was as always under attack from the City of Atlanta and her fellow conspirators such as Central Atlanta Progress, United Way, the local “news” carriers and the ever present, never sleeping, always agitating “Rumor,” Debi Starnes.

The Task Force’s relentless pulling and tugging against the City of Atlanta’s fraudulant cutting of funds and painful torture of poor people saps the spirit. It breaks the heart. Atlanta’s egregious leadership during the Campbell and Franklin administrations is enough to make the most loyal lose all hope in government.

The most disheartening truth about the Campbell and Franklin administrations is that they were bound and gaged, lock, stock, and barrel by the powers who owned them. On several occasions I watched Mayor Shirley Franklin drive slowly down Pine Street adjacent to the community at Peachtree Pine taking notes.

I pondered at the time: she’s gathering data for whom? Several months later Horace Sibley perched himself inside Peachtree Pine taking notes. His daughter was our guest in the art studio for months as her award-winning father spied. I honestly believed Horace Sibley when he told me he was a friend of the Task Force.

But no one, not a living soul to my knowledge, has ever believed me to be wily, subtle, crafty. I cry when they cut the ribbon at a Kroger grand opening. I believed what I was told as a little boy that the policeman on the corner was my friend. I even believed that insurance companies wanted to help people and that governments existed to serve all the people.

I suppose that if I believed Sibley was at the Pine as a friend, I deserve to have the Nun-run, Pete Walker, Mercy Housing, Inc. assist Manny Fialkow and A. J. Robinson in stealing the Peachtree-Pine building. Remember poor W trying to quote “…fool me twice.” Sitting at the table with cobras hoping TO NEGOTIATE is stupid. And for years there were people associated with the Task Force who really believed Central Atlanta Progress and ADID and United Way were capable of honorable actions.

I posted, “Central Atlanta Progress: Status, bottommost; Corruption, bottomless” on August 10, 2007. Today, September 30, 2010, someone read and commented on City of Atlanta corruption that he has witnessed for 5 years. We do know that a worm always squirms. Sometimes he turns.

Experts in bloggery tell me that for every comment, there very well may be several hundred readers. I don’t know. I do know that dozens upon dozens of callers and volunteers and supporters are coming out of the woodwork.

Volunteers like Azi Ebrahimi have generated hundreds of volunteers and hundreds more of wellwishers through Facebook and Spacebook and Chasebook. Why don’t you come see for yourself. The people at the Pine are mostly Atlantans. And contrary to what Horace Sibley and Debi Starnes spew, they are people. Come see.

James Wilson Beaty
Jeremiah 22.16
September 30, 2010

When It Becomes RICO?

September 27, 2010

Before individuals and groups can be convicted of RICO charges, several ingredients must be present in the mix. One of several ingredients is criminal activity that stretches over a long period of time, over and over and over again. In the current lawsuit ATLANTA TASK FORCE for the HOMELESS, INC. v. Central Atlanta Progress (CAP), Atlanta Downtown Improvement District, Emory Health Care and others, the defendants face the charges of conspiracy and collusion and plotting and falsifying in an attempt to put the plaintiff out of business. The list is long. It’s Atlanta’s creme de la creme. Award winners. Champions of the lowly. It’s a united front; it’s a united way.

The e-mail exchanges that follow were between Central Atlanta Progress President A. J. Robinson and his Senior Projects Manager Richard Orr. The exchanges name Debi Starnes and Lem Woods and City Hall. This is one of thousands of communications that proves these conspirators have worked long and hard over a long period of time. These e-mails were written on March 21, 2007. Many preceded this one and dozens follow this one. Baker Donelson attorneys have them all. I quote directly:

From: Richard Orr
Sent: Wednesday, March 21. 2007 1:50 PM
To: AJ Robinson
Subject: FYI – Debi Starnes

We’re briefing Debi this afternoon on general parameters of the feeding ordinance to get her input before the meeting and to give us some guidance as to working it through City Hall.

From: AJ Robinson
Sent: Wednesday, March 21, 2007 1:50 PM
To: Richard Orr
Subject: RE: FYI – Debi Starnes

OK, might as well mention Pine Street Shelter and possibility for other shelter type ordinances.

From: Richard Orr
Sent: Wednesday, March 21, 2007 1:54 PM
To: AJ Robinson
Subject: RE – FYI – Debi Starnes

OK, I think Lem Woods has already done some work on that issue, just don’t know how much.

Note: (Jim Beaty) (1) E – mails similar to this one appear in discovery as early as 2005 and continue until Orr’s and Robinson’s respective depositions in February 22 and 23, 2010.
(2) Feeding hungry people anywhere close to the “improvement district” gravels your CAP type suits. However, CAP literature gives permission for us who want to help to give water, perhaps we can send Lazarus with a drop of Coca-Cola’s DASANI.
(3) Note the time lapse of these e-mail exchanges. If I paid Robinson and Orr I would have to ask, respectfully, if they do anything other than attack the poor. Is that their raison d’etre?
(4) “as to working it through City Hall.” One has to wonder how much “working through City Hall” happens between CAP and ADID.
(5) Please read my blog, RICO, RICO, RICO and others that show the tip of the RACKETEERING iceberg that these conspirators face. And we have not yet touched “God’s burning rain.”

James Wilson Beaty
Jeremiah 22.16
September 27, 2010

The following was emailed to me by my Philadelphia publisher, Xlibris. I wanted to share this rough draft of the press release with my readers:

Grammar Basics Made Easy and Inspiring with SACRED GRAMMAR
Author’s new book will assist readers in honing their skills in writing and editing

Atlanta, GA — (Release Date TBD) – Author James Wilson Beaty, PhD, believes that to correct incorrent speaking or incorrect writing, a study and practice of the rules of grammar are necessary. In his newly published book, Sacred Grammar, Dr. Beaty invites readers — students and writers alike — to join him in this in-depth discussion and examination of sentence structure.
Studying the structure of a house reveals the way the house is built. The same thing happens with studying the structure of a sentence. It clearly shows how the sentence is built and why it must be built that way. In order for students to comprehend this concept easily, Dr. Beaty has presented his book in a structured way by introducing his readers to the good old-fashioned eight parts of speech. What follow the parts of speech section are the clauses, the kinds of sentences and ways to punctuate them according to their structure, the paragraph, and the paper being written. Using Bible verses as examples and giving concrete practies and self-quizzes, SACRED GRAMMAR has indeed sweetened the endeavors of mastering proper usage and learning spiritual truths at the same time.
SACRED GRAMMAR is intended for those who are just learning to write a composition and even for advanced writers who still find the task difficult. Comprehensive and clear, this book offers everyone the basics of grammar, making writing less stressful and content editing easier.
For more information on this book, interested parties may log on to

James Wilson Beaty
Jeremiah 22.16
September 23, 2010

On Atlanta’s battle of the powerful against the weak, truth speaks to power. In an earlier blog I commented on the opening sentences of COCA-COLA ANARCHIST. The following is quoted verbatim from the last two pages, 436 and 437. I have not read a more accurate summary of TEAM GOLIATH’s conspirata who live to crush Little David. The next four paragraphs just before my “NOTE” are Mr. Wardlaw’s words.

“In 2009, the Battle of Atlanta entered a new phase. After fourteen years of harassment, the Task Force via enormous pro bono efforts by the law firm, Baker Donelson, brought ‘tortious interference’ and civil rights law suits against the City of Atlanta. Through discovery and deposition, our extraordinary lawyers, led by Steve Hall and Bob Brazier, began gathering conclusive evidence of what we have known all along: Task Force funders and partners, actual and potential, have been visited, threatened, and intimidated from offering what would have been life-saving support, and city officials have conspired with leading Atlanta business ‘leaders’ (many of them clustered within a local group with the misnomer ‘Central Atlanta Progress’ to destroy us, so we have also filed suit against Central Atlanta Progress as well as some of the individuals most culpable.

“‘Superfluous’ — that’s what Shakespeare calls those who will not ‘see’ because they do not ‘feel.’ We, all of us, are called to be open to the possibility that former Atlanta mayor Bill Campbell, current mayor Shirley Franklin, and those ‘leaders’ who pull their strings think they are doing what is best for our city, based on what they ‘see.’ But, oh, if they were able, with King Lear, to “feel what wretches feel,” how in the world could they cause such pain, trying to remove homeless people from our streets at whatever cost? If their acts do not rise to level of ‘deliberate cruelty’ — that which Tennessee Williams, through his character Blanche Dubois, identified as the one unforgiveable act — their programs amount at least to tragic ignorance, an ignorance that is our challenge to help cure.

“In his ‘To be or not to be’ soliloquy, Hamlet laments ‘the insolence of office,’ the offense that promises to bring Atlanta to its Days of Reckoning. Beginning in 1996 when they, as I have said, ‘marked the Task Force for extinction,’ Atlanta leaders apparently thought they could, with impunity, use any means they wished — including tampering with Federal funds — in order to crush the community at Peachtree and Pine. After fourteen years of increasingly frantic, virtually psychotic efforts, they have not only failed, but put themselves on the wrong side of The Law which many of them had grown up — as I had — believing they were above. Having failed to study and understand anarchist strengths and values concerning why, when, and how laws need to be broken, Atlanta’s Powers-That-Be are about to take a fall.”

The above is quoted from B Wardlaw’s COCA-COLA ANARCHIST, pp.436-437

Note: The ISBN is 978-0-9746379-6-9, and the book can be purchased from good bookstores.

James Wilson Beaty
Jeremiah 22.16
September 10, 2010

What is all the racket over Ratchet Rob’s resigning? He may be arrogant and aloof and heartless; however, he did what Shirley Franklin and her minion, Debi Starnes, told him to do. He pulled the switch to shut off the water at Peachtree Pine three times. He ordered that my water bills at my shack in the getto in Grant Park should total $1,832.62 through August of 2010. Rob Hunter did not make the decision to gouge Buckhead Bettys; he did what he was told by the city’s elected leaders.

Shirley Franklin and her not-too-good-on-personal-relations City Council made that decision. Shirley the Great enacted this horrible gouging just before she left office. The next mayor could deal with Buckhead.

Three people live where I stay. We bathe some. One of us bathes not enough to suit the other two. Our water usage bills have not increased greatly, but the line at the bottom called “Sewer Usage Charges” has sky rocketed with monthly amounts of $117.93, $93.03, $155.28, $268.12, $160.71. And all that is only through August.

I stood outside Room One this morning with Curtis Motley, Head of Security at Peachtree Pine. Room One has 200 double deck iron bunk beds. When cold weather arrives 400 men will sleep in those beds. Just outside Room One there is a shower room that contains eight showers and eight sinks. Incidentally that room glistened and smelled as fresh as a morning rain. THERE’S NO WATER for those sinks or showers. Our water bill is current but there’s no water. Motley said to me, “If I had warm showers for the men in Room One, seventy-five percent of my problems would be solved.” As this good man looked at me his face was asking me to help.

I’ll devote a blog to water and Rob Hunter and human rights and all that in a later blog. I’ll tell you how Rachet Rob turner a lovely shade of purple when Fulton County Superior Court Judge Jackson Bedford reminded Hunter that the Commissioner was in Bedford’s Court. And Judge Bedford stated sclearly that he was in charge there, not City Hall. Stay tuned for other casualties in TEAM GOLIATH.

Someone asked me if the water situation with the City would improve when Rachet leaves. I told them there’s no way to tell. There are dozens of status quo bureaucrats dying to step into Rachet’s $196,000+ shoes. We don’t know Debi Starnes’ whereabouts. We don’t know if she works for the new mayor. We don’t know who pays her if anyone does. We don’t know if she will be or has been thrown under the bus with some of the others. We don’t know when the highly suspect, probably illegal Tri-J body will answer its subpoena to fork over documents to Attorney Steve Hall. Like others that body has held their subpoena without any response for months. Oh for the Bill Campbell days when procedures were clear and clean.

We don’t know when the showers of rain will fall. God’s burning rain cannot be predicted.

I thought I saw something twisting in the sky above The Hurt Building. I couldn’t make it out, but it looked mighty like a broom. I just don’t know who is next.

I love Buckhead. I wish those concerned folks had raged at City Hall the three times the water was turned off for the 700 homeless citizens who live at The Pine on Peachtree. The water bills at The Pine are as unlawful and egregious as they are in The Buckhead.

The AJC reported that all this 4 billion dollar sewer repair is a result of “a federal mandate.” Some other federal mandates may be coming down one of these days when the world learns that Atlanta has violated a False Claims Act in falsely certifying millions upon millions of dollars of CDBG and HOME HUD funding.

Good night, Sam. Good night, Chuck. Good night, A. J. Good night, Debi. Good night, Bruce. Good night, Rich. Good night, Paul. Good night, Manny. Good night, Judy. Good night, City Council. Good night, Dopey. Good night, Sleepy. Good night, Buttercup.

James Wilson Beaty
Jeremiah 22.16
September 9, 2009

I have said many times that I read Charles Dickens for pleasure. Early, I learned as a boy that Dickens loved to give his characters names that revealed their personalities. In his PICKWICK PAPERS we learn that the name of a law firm is Dodson and Fogg. The vicious abuser of children in OLIVER TWIST is Mr. Bumble. We could go on and on with Dickens’ appropriately naming his people.

As I began to blog in the spring of 2009, I was running across names like Richard Orr, Dave Wardell, A. J. Robinson, Sam Williams, Peggy Denby, Shirley Franklin and dozens more forming TEAM GOLIATH. I could not rename these folks. But I could and did give them middle names. And I could let their names that I’ve created tell something of their characters. Better yet I could let their new names tell what damage they have done to the Task Force for the Homeless, Inc. or for the homeless people themeselves.

One of the bright lights at Central Atlanta Progress is veteran Paul Kellman. One look at Paul and you know he has a heart bigger than the Hurt Building. Years ago as a spokesperson for Central Atlanta Progress, Kellman said either to a reporter or in the presence of a reporter from the Atlanta Journal Constitution that he would rather have in downtown Atlanta a “toxic waste dump” than a facility that served homeless people with AIDS. Kellman’s sensitivity is difficult to forget but easy to catalogue.

So now, years later as CAP finds itself looking down the barrel of a huge RICO lawsuit, good Kellman’s middle name today fits hand in glove. The fact that CAP for 14 years has attacked the Task Force is now a proven fact, present in hundreds of pages of discovery. Kellman takes minutes and runs errands and receives subpoenas for the big fish at CAP and Siamese ADID. He also shows the heart of these twin organizations that tell mayors and city council people and county stooges what to do and when to do it.

Anyway, there’s much in a name. I believe the main reason, although I’ve been asked dozens of times, that I have never typed a glossary of TEAM GOLIATH is that it will be book length whenever I finish. For now, I’ll just mention one other middle name, A. J. “We’re all kind of mystified” Robinson. Debi Starnes created a falsehood that the Peachtree Pine Shelter was lice infested. This was a lice, sorry a lie. The AJC Starnes’ newsletter spoke with leader Robinson who responded to the report that lice crawled about the hated shelter. His middle name that day became in my book, “We’re all kind of mystified.”

Robinsin’s buddy, Richard Orr, is so egregious in his wrong doing that he has two middle names. Read my blogs to discover that civic leader’s two middle names. Otherwise, stay tuned. Good night, Jack. Good night Sam. Good night, Peggy Denby. Good night, Bruce Gunter.

James Wilson Beaty
Jeremiah 22.16
September 1, 2010

On-going and proposed projects at the Peachtree-Pine Community are proving to be downright thrilling. The people inside are beautiful human beings, and they join me inviting you to come see our facility. I speak daily to Atlantans who are shocked to hear what really goes on inside Peachtree Pine. The drive-by attackers see a planted Atlanta City Police cruiser and drug dealers sitting practically on its hood with the Atlanta Police Precinct 5 within a stone’s toss. Come see what’s inside. The picture drawn by TEAM GOLIATH members conveys what is inside based on their perception, not the reality of what is inside Peachtree Pine. GOLIATH has never been inside.

I want to list some of the on-going and proposed projects unknown to the general public. Some of those projects are: the art studio, the roof garden (Grow), the computer lab, the photo lab, the clothes closet, the library, the community kitchen (Feast), and the bike repair shop called Shift.

We will soon open a coffee shop adjacent to the art studio on the corner of Peachtree and Pine Streets. The name of the coffee shop is Blend. Beginning in mid-September we will serve coffee and juice and water and cookies and cupcakes and cakes and brownies and donuts. Along with the goodies and drinks mentioned above, we will provide free wi-fi for the convenience of computer users. We ask that our visitors make a contribution to the Metro-Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless.

We need a few donated items to get started. We already have two churches that have promised to bring pastries on two days of each month. We need ten more to join these good folks to fill up the five-day-week four times a month. We are also looking to generous groups and businesses to contribute goodies and drinks.

A few more pieces of furniture will be helpful: eight small tables, round, square and rectangular with chairs. We have three sofas, but we need three more. A few end tables and several coffee table will get us going in furniture. I forgot. We need some bookshelves as we will supply books for folks who want to come in to read.

As far as appliances we need refrigerators and refrigerated containers for the cold drinks.

The scriptures of all religions teach that where there is no vision the people perish. Let me proclaim that the vision of all involved at Peachtree Pine is alive and well. And so are the wonderful people involved: the residents who are proud to be at home on Peachtree Street, the Board of Directors who have renewed energy and commitment, the faithful churches that have remained faithful in their support and even good people within the bowels of City Hall and Fulton County secretly and under cover let us know how they pull for our well-being and our thriving where we are located.

If you have the slightest urge to come see or to help The Pine, please call me at (404) 787-1086. That is my cell phone number (Jim Beaty) or you can e-mail me at Come see and join the fun. The CONSPIRATA have blessed us by taking everything. But this has turned into a priceless gift: new donors, new energy, new board members, new growth and life within the community, new determination to live.

James Wilson Beaty
Jeremiah 22.16
September 1, 2010