Baker Donelson Attorney Steve Hall filed the following exhibit along with 27 others with Judge Craig Schwall in the Superior Court of Fulton County, Georgia, at a hearing on July 11, 2014. This exhibit consists of handwritten notes from Mercy Housings’ Dianne Leavesley. She made these notes during a conference call with the following participants: A. J. Robinson (CAP), Pete Walker Mercy Housing – Atlanta), John Morland (National Housing Trust attorney – Washington), Sandy Maben (Mercy Housing – Denver) and Julie Gould (Mercy Housing – Denver?). Dianne Leavesley’s notes written on 11/3/08 are quoted verbatim:

“City of Atlanta and business community interested in Peachtree-Pine shelter.

A former real estate developer represents the Atlanta Metro area engaged w/County, City & The Mayor

The community under the Mayor’s & United Way’s leadership want to solve the homeless issue – – not just feeding & sheltering, but to end their homelessness.

“Task Force wants to shelter & feed & nothing else!” Task Force started as an advocacy group, the shelter is poorly run, it’s a drag on the City

The City cut the water to part of the building.

Sell the Notes to Central Atlanta Progress or a member

Central Atlanta Progress a member org – – Atlanta Downtown Improvement District – – an elects w/Mayor and City Govt w/ United Way

Plan – process people on a temporary basis – they trust the system 100 people each Atlanta and Gateway 100 people each

200 – 300 – they believe the Task Force inflates the numbers

Prediction re: collapse Wardlaw no longer writing checks

What communications with/her board? Discussions with her board haven’t effective

PETE MHSE looked into the situation one year ago for SRO housing above a scaled down shelter (a small intake space)

Atlanta Housing Authority, State of GA said they would not support the development if Task Force’s people were involved.

Water liens $10,000 Debbie Starnes – works for the Mayor – former City Council person Horace Sibley – head of United Way’s program for homeless”

Note: Exhibit 11 brings Mercy Housing, Inc. into the conspiracy mix. In other e-mails A. J. Robinson asks Pete Walker, the head person for Mercy Housing South East headquartered in Atlanta how can “we” put the Task Force in default. Walker answered that he would like to know that also. This conference began that process, and this conference call was one of many attempts to ”get to” the nuns at Mercy Housing to convince them to allow someone to but the Notes. Of course, Emanuel Fialkow became the nun’s choice. With a name like Ichthus how could Manny miss? A transliteration of the letters of this Greek word proves to be iota, chi, theta, upsilon, sigma. This Greek word means FISH, probably the second best known symbol used in the early Christian church. Wouldn’t you love to know which conspirator at CAP came up with a Christian symbol to camouflage Manny Fialkow. I’d put my money on Richard “crap sniffer” Orr or Paul “toxic waste dump” Kelman.

James Wilson Beaty
Jeremiah 22:16
August 27, 2014

Exhibit 10, along with 27 other exhibits, was filed by Baker Donelson Attorney Steve Hall with Judge Craig Schwall in the Superior Court of Fulton County, Georgia, at a hearing on July 11, 2014. Premium Funding Solutions (Manny Fialko) versus the Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless, Inc.) requested the hearing to make the way clear to dispossess the Task Force for the Homeless from the disputed property known as the Center at Peachtree-Pine in midtown Atlanta. TEAM GOLIATH is the name I gave years ago to the conspiracy that has worked feverishly for a decade to get rid of Anita Beaty and the 600 homeless people from the 96,000 square foot building at the corner of Peachtree and Pine Streets. This very place, Peachtree-Pine, last night “housed” 100 homeless women and their children. The oldest child, in school, is 17 years old, and the youngest, in his mother’s arms, is three weeks old. These homeless people are in this facility because they have no other place to go. All other shelters that take women and children are full and overflowing as is Peachtree Pine.

For clearly political reasons in the midst of hearings and lawsuits, TEAM GOLIATH has closed its doors to women and children. The City’s “model shelter” called The Gateway sheltered 200 woman and children,  and Fulton County’s Springdale Shelter with a capacity of 150 women and children closed their doors to women with children and single women within the past year. These three-hundred-fifty spaces have been closed to women and children for purely political reasons. Where is the Mayor?  Where is Atlanta City Council?  Where is the Fulton County Board of Commissioners? What kind of leadership could let this happen? Closing their doors and their hearts to women and little children is unconscionable.

As I walk through our “lobby” almost every day and witness these people, human beings, I think of Jeremiah’s high places of Topheth in the Valley of Ben Hinnom (Jeremiah 7) where children were sacrificed to false gods. Jeremiah 7:32 promises that there’ll be a day when the Valley of Ben Hinnom will be called the Valley of Slaughter, for they will bury the dead in Topheth until there is no more room. And the dead were those who committed the atrocities.

Atlanta’s public, commercial and spiritual leadership is close to slaughtering poor women and children. We are slaughtering children physically, emotionally, psychologically. Go ahead, steal the Peachtree Pine building and give it to Emory Health Care, Inc. or some other shady dealer. Run Anita Beaty out of town on a rail. Torture a staff who labors alongside these women and their children 24/7. Castrate African-American males who threaten your ego, but for God’s sake and the sake of your souls where the fire is not quenched, do something about the 17 year old in school and the three-week old infant in her mother’s arms.

Exhibit 10 Tab 10, is a copy of the November 12, 2008 minutes of the executive committee of Central Atlanta Progress. The paragraphs entitled, “Panhandling update” and “Peachtree-Pine Shelter update” are the two pieces of evidence troubling to TEAM GOLIATH. For you the reader and soon to be jury members of the TEAM’s peers, I quote verbatim ONLY these two paragraphs:

Panhandling update – Robinson reviewed current progress on the recently launched anti-panhandling campaign. It was suggested that scrutiny of the courts in some form be necessary to insure their actions are supportive of panhandling arrests.

Peachtree-Pine Shelter Update – Robinson reported on several issues related to the financial viability of the Task Force for the homeless and their possible default on more than $800,000 in loans from Mercy Housing. Tom Bell suggested that it might be possible for the loans to be purchased from Mercy Housing. More information will be available in the future, as there are plans for internal staff movements at Mercy Housing that could be more favorable to the community’s efforts.

Paul Kelman


(1) Who is Tom Bell? This Exhibit 10 dates 2008. How wide is this conspiracy? Does Cousins Properties, Inc. ring a bell? The ringing of some bells cannot be UNRUNG, Your Honor!
(2) How would A. J. Robinson know that there were to be “internal staff movements at Mercy Housing that could be more favorable to the community’s efforts?
(3) Might the “community’s efforts” be the bringing down of the TASK FORCE and the Center at Peachtree Pine?
(4) Does A. J. Robinson’s teetering empire represent the “community’s efforts”?

James Wilson Beaty
Jeremiah 22:16
August 26, 2014


Baker Donelson Attorney Steve Hall filed Exhibit 8 Tab 8 with Judge Craig Schwall, Superior Court of Fulton County on July 11, 2014. I quote the exhibit verbatim.

“From: Richard Orr
To: Debi Starnes
Sent: 4/10/2007
Subject: Please call me asap re: this morning

Just need a clarification before we pull the pin.

Richard Orr
Sr. Project Manager
Communications and Membership
Central Atlanta Progress”

Note: Please note that Orr, when he wrote this, headed up membership at Central Atlanta Progress. Again, I ask as I have asked before, what do members of this powerful organization pay it to do? What is the scuttlebutt concerning CAP’s future?

James Wilson Beaty
Jeremiah 22:16
August 25, 2014

Baker Donelson Attorney Steve Hall presented Exhibit 8 along with 27 other exhibits on July 11, 2014, to Judge Craig Schwall, Superior Court of Fulton County. Hall entitled his Tab 8, “Orr email to Wardell.” In this particular hearing the Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless, Inc. is the defendant as Manny Fialkow’s attorneys moved for permission to proceed for dispossessory. The following February 2008 email from Central Atlanta Progress’s Richard Orr to Dave Wardell is quoted verbatim.

“From: Richard Orr
To: Dave Wardell
Sent: 2/11/2008 4:40:21 PM
Subject: Up to speed before the Friday Meeting – homeless

About 4 months ago, AJ called together a meeting with Debi, Horace and Barry Berlin (major foundation funder – Kendeda) of homeless related project , (sic) including the Task Force. He’s not a happy camper.

AJ asked me to attend the initial meeting and run herd on what needed to get done. We met and focused in on a couple of things that needed to be done (1) secure financial details of Task Force (2) seek to get PR help for Gateway/United Way and City driven homeless efforts, all in an attempt to start whittling away and (sic) backing and support of Task Force.

We got Edelman to sign on for pro bono. Barry got financial data (990s for Task Force and Wardlaw Foundation, along with Task Force 2007 budget.) I reviewed financial data and flagged odd looking things on the IRS forms. We called in a new accounting member to review the information and render some expert opinions. They (sic) perspective raised some possibilities for attacking the credibility of TF with private and public funders. AJ has met with a number of private parties to relay that information (Brad Curry, Woodruff Foundation and SunTrust is pending (sic) since they administer the Wardlaw Foundations).

I also found another 501 c3 “Our Fine Arts These” that was used to shelter Jim and Anita’s salary to keep it out of the Task Force 990 report. It has been suggested to AJ that we seek to get a state or federal agency to raise some hell over the monkey business with the IRS forms. Accounting folks say there’s a possibility it could put funding foundations at risk.

Of course all this has been done under the cloak of darkness and virtually no e-mails back and forth to the City. Just in case of FOI (sic) issues.

The meeting with Edelman is an outshoot of previous discussions.

Richard Orr
Senior Manager
Communications and Membership
Central Atlanta Project Inc.

(1) “Debi” in paragraph 0ne is Debi Starnes Mayor Shirley Franklin’ minion appointed to end homelessness in downtown Atlanta. Starnes called herself the Czar of Homelessness.


(2) “Horace” is Horace Sibley and the Chair of Mayor Franklin’s Commission On Homelessness. Sibley served the homeless of Atlanta after he had retired from the prestigious King and Spaulding Law Firm.  Sibley’s accomplishments as a lawyer who served the suffering homeless people of Atlanta were acknowledged by Georgia State School of Law.


(3) “AJ” in paragraph one is A. J. Robinson, President of Central Atlanta Progress. As early as 2007 Robinson had been scheming to disappear homeless people from downtown and also, surely, to rid the City of the disobedient Task Force.. Among the thousands of e-mails confiscated by Task Force attorneys, Richard Orr often refers adoringly to A. J. Robinson as, “Boss.” And the Boss is tied closely to the City of Atlanta, Manny Fialkow, Emory Health Care, Inc. and the Nun-run Mercy Housing, Inc. who sold the Peachtree Pine mortgage to Manny Fialkow. Worthy of note is the fact that while Emory and CAP and the City were slipping into bed with the nuns to gain the title to Peachtree Pine, Emory purchased the nun-owned St. Joseph’s Hospital. Remember the nuns not wanting to foul their small clothes preferred to sell the “notes” to Manny Fialkow than to CAP.  Imagine anything in the heights or the depths more questionable than Emanuel “Micah 5:2” Fialkow


(4) Unabashedly Richard Orr states the plan to whittle away at any backing and support to the Task Force.


(5) A new accounting member held some possibilities for attacking the credibility of the Task Force with private and public funders.


(6) Orr’s classic close: “Of course all this has been under the cloak of darkness and virtually no e-mails back and forth to the City, just in case of FOI issues.”


(7) For a moment, join me in being one of the 4000 members of Sam Williams’ CHAMBER or one of the thousands of tax paying members of Central Atlanta Progress that Orr represents. The danger to CAP’s very existence in this one email causes the earth to tremble beneath our feet.  Imagine the financial damages CAP faces.  Never been depose before.  Never been questioned before. Unfortunately, for the TEAM GOLIATH conspiracy, hundreds of emails equally as damaging as this one await the eyes and ears a jury of their peers.


(8)  Brad Curry’s name surfaces.  Robinson has met with so many people in the good work of TEAM GOLIATH.   Is Brad Curry in any way affiliated with Emory?  

James Wilson Beaty
Jeremiah 22:16
August 25, 2014

Exhibit 7 Tab 7 is loaded with tortious interference, collusion, wrongful taking and invasion of clientele privacy. Many entities, united to destroy an organization, have worked at this destruction for 7 years (RICO). This one-page Exhibit 7 has the following title in bold letters. I have corrected no errors; only one (sic) denotes an egregious subject-verb agreement mistake. The following is quoted verbatim through paragraph (5). I quote,

“Notes: Meeting to discuss funding and related issues – Metro Task Force for the Homeless – Thursday, September 27, 2007

Present: A. J. Robinson (CAP/ADID), Debi Starnes (Mayor’s Office), Barry Berlin (Kendida Foundation), Horace Sibley (Mayor’s Homeless Commission – by phone)


(1) Exposure for what City/Gateway Center are accomplishing – need more outward release of information into the media to balance and put in perspective against what Task Force is doing – need dedicated professional PR assistance that deals directly with Homeless Commission/Gateway as client – CAP will find pro bono assistance and advise.

(2) Impacting Task Force funding – B Wardlaw and two sisters are major funders through foundation. Dan Cathy (Chic-Fil-a) also a major funder. Research needs to be done on the smaller funders and who could possibly approach them. Berlin mentioned he had discussed with the Community Foundation about asking for more validity of monies provided to them through Kendida. Starnes explained the pending shift of City Block grants that would possibly impact funding for the Task Force hotline and transportation in the amount of $30,000. She expected the discussion to be contentious at City Council and asked for pressure on Council members from the private sector who may fund their campaigns. Berlin to research private smaller funders through Charity Navigator research program and advise as to contacts.

(3) Building contingency plan – Plan to intake virtually all of Peachtree Pine clientele need (sic) to be solid, definable and real. Need to plan for the eventuality of Peachtree-Pine management closing its doors to test our claims and for media purposes. Starnes said there is tacit agreement to begin transitioning 15 people from Peachtree-Pine into transitional housing per her discussions with Gloria Tinubu (Task Force Board member and Council member). Need to be prepared to set up in-take effort across the street in the empty lot.

(4) Overt outreach to Task Force Board — Letter from Mayor to Task Force Board offering six month trial to take X number of people per week to transition them into housing, treatment handled by case management.

(5) Transition plan for major funder – Horace Sibley has talked with Dan Cathy and he is now more informed of the vast disconnect between the community and Task Force. He may be rethinking his involvement and might need a way to save face. It was suggested that he could help fund the bridge of getting people out of Peachtree-Pine and moved over into case management/supportive housing. Need to flesh out how Cathy could do this showing help homeless and save face in the transition from funding Task Force.”

Please be assured I have quoted this document verbatim. For instance the incoherent last sentence is the Goliath writer’s creation. I would blush to call it mine.

Some salient observations:

1. This meeting of TEAM GOLIATH members was held in September 2007, 7 RICO years ago.

2. Five organizations are represented: (CAP), (ADID), (Mayor’s Office), (Mayor’s Homeless Commission) and the Kendida Foundation.
In (1) the plan surfaces to get dedicated professional PR assistance; CAP will find pro bono help.

3. Gateway is to be heralded; Task Force shamed.

4. Did the “pro bono” help that CAP would “get” turned into a heavily financed campaign launched by Alias Advertising.

5. B Wardlaw’s only sister died four decades ago.

6. “…who could possibly approach them (smaller funders).”

7. Starnes informs the group of the $30,000 to be taken from the Task Force transportation and 24/7 telephone hotline. Starnes stopped this funding and it thwarted transporting homeless people and impaired helping the needy by telephone.

8. Starnes asked “for pressure on Council members from the private sector who may fund their campaigns.”

9. Barry Berlin will research smaller funders through Charity Navigator research program.

10. Note that 7 years ago plans were in place to do intake “across the street in the empty lot” of the Peachtree-Pine clientele.

11. Starnes assures the TEAM GOLIATH group that there is “tacit agreement” to begin transitioning 15 people from Peachtree-Pine to housing. True, there was agreement but no housing existed then or now.

12. Paragraph (4) says there is to be a letter from the Mayor offering a six month trial to take X number of people per week to transition them into housing, treatment handled through case management. No letter ever came. No transitional housing has ever been identified. No treatment ever came, only wrongful possession, tortious interference, racketeering and defamation. No letter ever came.

13. Paragraph (5) is a real doozie. You read it; it’s all there, bare before us. Sibley has visited Cathy and has planted the seeds of slander and tortious interference in the donor’s heart. And these TEAM GOLIATH conspirators want to help Dan Cathy save face when he redirects his funding. Dan Cathy is a man of God and has millions, perhaps billions of dollars one day, in his possession. A strange combination, indeed! Some believe Dan Cathy has a bit more to save than face. For the long haul he may want to save his soul. For the short run there might be bowl games and football weekend extravaganzas to save. After all, Steve Ridell, Troutman Sanders attorney representing CAP is tight with Cathy as the head organizer of the football efforts that so benefit the corporate community of Atlanta. And the stench reaches the high heavens.

This page was confiscated by subpoena. Its left side bottom reads, “CONFIDENTIAL.” The right side reads, CAP_PROD00104258.

James Wilson Beaty
Jeremiah 22:16
August 11,2014

The name Emory University brings to mind quality education, one of the finest universities in the country. Emory Health Care also means the finest in medical and health care for the sick and dying. Bringing quality education and compassionate care for sick people are two of the most commendable acts on the planet. We all know brilliant and dedicated people affiliated with Emory. I believe Rabbi Jesus taught truth and healed the sick.

Down the years the staff and Board of Directors of the Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless have known readily their detractors, their enemies. Somehow you know the wearer of the boot on your throat. The City of Atlanta, for instance, after Maynard Jackson, has not had a mayor or City Council that even pretended to address the needs of poor people. In fact, City Council’s contempt for homeless people is remarkable. Certainly, there have been members of council who have given lip service but not one positive piece of legislation has ever been passed by that body. They put a toilet here and talk of a “Giving Meter” there, but that’s the size of it.

I’ll take to my grave Mayor Bill Campbell’s response to Bob Cramer, Chairman of the Board of the Task Force. Cramer said, “Mr. Mayor, as property owners on Peachtree Street, we believe that we have rights.” Campbell with his usual smirk said, “Bob, you have rights; we have enforcement.” This comment captures the City’s attitude toward the poor on its streets from Campbell’s day to the present. We have learned to expect no better from City Hall. It’s city hall being city hall. Central Atlanta Progress (CAP), the real City Hall in Atlanta has a fifty year history as an elitist organization desperately fearful of the little man. Always applying pressure, always pulling strings, always forcing its agenda; CAP rules downtown Atlanta. How could it be anything other than what it is? It’s the real city hall being city hall. The rights of poor people could never reach this body’s agenda. In fact, the very presence of poor people downtown causes Paul Kelman and his ilk to break out with a serious irritation. The Task Force after years of experience has learned to expect nothing positive from CAP. It is Central Atlanta Progress.

United Way of Atlanta is a microcosm of its counterparts across America—questionable. Good, hard-working Americans have hard-earned dollars wrenched from their hands and placed into the coffers of these expert scavengers. Their expertise at taking surpasses any of Charles Dickens’ pickpockets. And never a dime donated in Atlanta touches directly the life of a homeless person. Mothers and babies languish in the dark shadows of Atlanta United Way. Over a million dollars, however, reached the morning coat of retiring United Way Chief Mark O’Connell some years ago.

The Chamber of Commerce in Atlanta as well as across our land enjoys a reputation certainly as tainted as United Way. Sam “Get those test scores up.” Williams resigned recently in Atlanta finding himself in the middle of the cheating scandal involving Atlanta Public Schools. Good public schools draw businesses and the Chamber wants to draw businesses. Test scores need to be high The Southern Association for Colleges and Schools guards against cheaters and caught the Atlanta Public Schools. This wrong doing very well may go away without anyone being punished. That’s the chamber way.

The City of Atlanta, Central Atlanta Progress, Atlanta Downtown Improvement District and United Way unabashedly demand that their territory be rid of homeless people and the Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless. And they have worked for years as the TEAM GOLIATH conspiracy to make it happen.

But could Emory, the doers of all good, the clean, the untainted, the pure, be in league with those accused of stealing from the poor? Could healthy Emory be joined at the hip with the tainted Manny Fialkow, the sordid CAP, the suspect United Way? Say it isn’t so. Not Emory.

Why would Debra S. Bloom, APR, Associate Administrator, Emory Healthcare be interested, yea concerned, about David Pendered’s 8/1,/2007 article in the ATLANTA JOURNAL CONSTITUTION? Bloom 8/1/07 at 8:52 am e-mailed the following to the head man of Emory Healthcare, John T. Fox. The following is quoted verbatim from Exhibit 6 Tab 6”
“Homeless backers protest fund loss. Emotional rhetoric fills debate over Shirley Franklin’s successful move to strip the shelter of public funding
By David Pendered
The Atlanta Journal Constitution
Published on: 08/01/07

Raucous advocates of Atlanta’s major nonprofit homeless shelter tried to convince City Council members Tuesday to attempt to overturn Mayor Shirley Franklin’s successful move to strip the shelter of public funding. Some in the audience of more than 100 peppered the meeting with boos for their critics and chants for their supporters. One man waved his wooden cane overhead when he agreed with comments. Gloria Bromell-Tinubu, a former councilwoman, won repeated cheers that started with her opening remarks. “Slavery is the worst thing and homelessness is the second-worst thing that can be witnessed upon anyone,” Bromell-Tinubu said. “To be homeless, to be victimized again and criminalized again, is unconscionable.”

The advocates for the Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless suggested they may take legal action if the state Department of Community Affairs does not provide a grant that could represent 10 percent of the Task Force’s budget. The budget for the shelter, which serves about 500 people a day near the Fox Theatre, was $1.3 million in 2004, according to its latest tax filing. The state agency did not fund a $112,000 grant request after receiving a letter from the mayor’s office that contended the shelter does not meet four of five criteria for homeless programs. The mayor’s chief of staff, Greg Pridgeon, signed the letter and said at the meeting the state could get more for its money if it went somewhere other than the task force. He did not specify which service providers would do a better job.

Bob Cramer, chairman of the task force, said the shelter has been the victim of a smear campaign that included allegations it was filled with lice. He said the shelter, commonly called Peachtree and Pine, will not move or close no matter if it loses money from the state and federal governments. “Peachtree and Pine isn’t going anywhere,” he said to a standing ovation. “All you have done is hurt our ability to serve the thousands of people we serve every week.”

Debra S. Broom, APR, Associate Administrator, Emory Healthcare”

At 1:03:42 pm John T. Fox wrote, “What do you guys think will happen?”

At 8 pm 8/1/07 Albert K. Blackwelder (CEO) Emory Hospital on Peachtree Street located near Peachtree Pine wrote the following to: Betty Willis, David Pugh, John T. Fox and Debra Bloom

“Subject: Re: Today’s AJC: (Peachtree and Pine Shelter) Homeless backers protest fund loss. I was there for a while but left with AJ Robinson before the fireworks and grand finale. Tim Williams stayed for the count and said, “It was a circus.” But nothing substantive occurred. The mayor’s office is taking a hard line with the Pine Street shelter by asking the state to cut off funding. The Tri-Jurisdictional Committee on Housing also cut off federal funding to the shelter just recently. AJ, Brad Curry and I went to talk with Dan Cathy yesterday about our concerns with the operation of this shelter and the disservice they provide both neighbors and the homless (sic) themselves. Dan Cathy has given money to the shelter and even volunteers there including staying overnight there. We hopefully made an impression that there is another side to this operation that he might not be aware of.

The effort is to both shut off public funding to the shelter and to try and impact private funding as well, hence the visit to Dan Cathy. It is too early to tell how this will affect the shelter but they have a long history of fighting, noisily, for survival. This will take more time and continued pressure. Al”

Note: Representing Emory University and Emory Healthcare, CEO Al Blackwelder actually wrote among other things, “… We hopefully made an impression that there is another side to this operation that he might not be aware of.” Then he wrote, “The effort is to both shut off public funding to the shelter and to try and impact private funding as well, hence the visit to Dan Cathy.” Just as important as what Blackwelder wrote is the persons to whom he wrote it. Why bother John T. Fox with the news of a shelter’s demise? One hundred thousand documents later in these 28 exhibits will show why. Blackwelder mentions “continued pressure” along with his cohort, A. J. Robinson who says these goings on are going on “under the cover of darkness.” As my friend Joe Beasley would say, “My, my, my, my.” And I’ve heard him add, “It’s time somebody went to jail.”

James Wilson Beaty
Jeremiah 22:16
August 6, 2014

The title of this exhibit 5 Tab 5 “Sammy…we are keeping the pressure on….” is borrowed from Exhibit 2 Tab 2 “Who REALLY Runs Atlanta.” The pressure that is being applied to plot against the Task Force for the Homeless and homeless people present in downtown surfaces clearly in the October 23, 2006 meeting held at Central Atlanta Progress. Remember Mayor Shirley Franklin’s office hosted this meeting while CAP furnished the place to meet and United Way gathered other conspirators to attend this gathering. The subject line reads: Meeting about Peachtree and Pine. Wardell’s points listed below are to be covered in the November 20, 2006 meeting. Same song, different verse.

David E. Wardell, CPP, Vice President, Operations and Public Safety, on Friday, November 17, 2006 informs CAP Boss Robinson of the “Things that people are going to look into:”
– Look at emergency shelter standards (Public Works and United Way/Homeless Commission staff)
– Evaluate strengths and weaknesses of Homeless TF (Code enforcement and Homeless Commission;
– Who is on the Board of Directors of the Homeless Task Force? Want to go to the source of their resourcing and/or political support.
– Data to be collected: Volume of Complaints, Bad capacity there and at other shelters (Homeless Commission Staff;
– Law Department was going to look at the applicable or prevailing ordinances (Lem – Law Department)
– What is required to declare it a public nuisance?
– I delivered the copy of the Homeless Master Plan for their expansion program that City Planning requested. Looking at Grandfather Clauses and Fire and Safety Codes.
– Zoning as SPI (City Planning)
– Develop Public Affairs Component (? – Did not determine responsibility for putting this together) Lynette is looking for recommendations for solutions at this meeting
– We delivered the Executive Summary of the incidents in the area to Lynette (she acknowledged receipt).
– Since our last meeting (Ko Hassan’s Oct. 23rd meeting) Judge Green rebutted the information (Will not let it happen in the future) about the ordinances the police were allegedly being challenged by the Municipal Court for enforcing. Urban camping and something to do with tampering with vehicles in parking lots.

As long ago as 2006, eight years back, this conspiracy has boiled. The fight against the poor in the streets of Dr. King’s city has been relentless and endless.

Note: Dave Wardell’s to do list speaks for itself. However, several points are worthy of notice. Involved in plans to disappear the largest emergency shelter in the Southeast are the very persons mandated to give relief to those in need. Rather than help, suggest, aid, support and rescue; these charlatans form the largest conspiracy imaginable against the weakest people and the most vulnerable of non-profit organizations. Look at the organizations in the cabal: United Way, City Hall, City Council, The Chamber of Commerce, The Homeless Commission, headed so long by the Venerable Horace Sibley, the churches on Peachtree Street (for God’s sake). Atlanta had the opportunity to make Peachtree-Pine the finest example of a city’s caring for its little ones. What did they do? They plotted ways to declare it a nuisance. What did they do with a workable plan for mixed housing? They sabotaged the plan and looked for those who might have been responsible for it. They “got to” the nuns who held the mortgage. Boatloads of evidence of tortious interference, fraud and racketeering come out later in the remaining exhibits masterfully presented on July 11, 2014 by Baker Donelson attorneys. Watch for Exhibit 6 Tab 6 where monolithic Emory Health Care, Inc. raises its holy head.

James Wilson Beaty
Jeremiah 22:16
August 5, 2014