Exhibit 24 Taking The Vineyard

Exhibit 24 is one of 28 filed on July 11, 2014, in Judge Craig Schwall’s Superior Court of Fulton County, Georgia. These 28 exhibits were presented and filed by Baker Donelson Attorneys Steve Hall and Bob Brazier. The lawsuit before Judge Schwall pits The Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless, Inc. v. Central Atlanta Progress (CAP), Atlanta Downtown Improvement District (ADID) and Manny Fialkow’s, Ichthus Community Trust, a Nevada Trust (or whatever company name may be featured by Fialkow this week). Exhibit 24 features a chain of five e-mails that leaves footprints of TEAM GOLIATH’S maneuvers in order to seize ownership of the Peachtree Pine building.

The following prior to my “Note” is a verbatim quotation of the five emails written on August 25-26, 2009:

#1 From: Mike Jacobs [MJacobs@jsjplaw.com] Sent: Tuesday, August 25, 2009 3:02 PM                                                To: Burton, William W. Subject: ICE/Mercy                                                                                                                                     Walt, After discussions with my clients, I can advise the following 1. We (ICE/Mercy) have advertised for disclosure; 2. We have been advised of the existence of a lawsuit with the City; 3. We understand there may be potential buyers for the property; 4. We are not interested in speaking with community leaders at the present time.                                                                           Regards, Mike e-mail

#2 From: Burton, William W. [mailto:William.Burton@troutmansanders.com] Sent: Tuesday, August 25, 2009 3:07 PM               To: Mike Jacobs Subject: RE: ICE/Mercy                                                                                                                                        You have advertised for what month? September or October? e-mail #3 From: Mike Jacobs Sent: Tuesday, August 25, 2009 3:07 PM To: Burton, William W. Subject: RE: ICE/Mercy September Michael E. Jacobs Jampol, Schlelcher, Jacobs & Papadakis, LLP Alpharetta, GA e-mail #4 From: Burton, William W. Sent: Tuesday, August 25, 2009 9:29 PM To: Mike Jacobs Cc: Fortson, Robert D. Subject: ICE/Mercy Mike, I have a couple more questions for you: (1) Does your client intend to go through with the sale on Tuesday, September 1? (2) Is the sale subject to the first priority security deed or not? (3) Did you or your client give proper notice of the foreclosure sale to the IRS as required by federal statute: if you recall, there were two federal tax liens encumbering the property? Are you willing to provide me a copy of the notice stamped “Received” by the IRS? (4) Has your client decided on an opening bid amount? (5) Will you be conducting the sale? What approximate time during the legal hours of sale (10-4 on Tuesday) do you plan to conduct the sale? Thanks, Walt e-mail #5 From: AJ Robinson To: Burton, William W., Mike Jacobs CC: Fortson, Robert D. Sent: 8/26/2009 5:51:04 PM Subject: RE: ICE/Mercy Let me know if you here (sic) anything. . . Manny is will (sic) to bid $1 million. . . I am making calls to see if they will add to this amount if needed. Note: (written by Jim Beaty, January 16, 2015) (1) Please note that this particular chain of e-mails written primarily by lawyers representing King Ahab and Jezebel was written in August 2009; that’s five (5) years, five (5) months ago. This gaggle of conspirators has been at the task of stealing Peachtree Pine for a dozen or so years. Even multi-billion dollar untouchable EMORY is building its latest PROTON Pentagon five blocks away from the coveted 477 Peachtree Street property. Emory could not wait any longer for that federal ka-ching, ka-ching, the holy sound of green. Emory went ahead and built its Proton Therapy Center: many believe that the present building site at North and Juniper and Ponce is the behemoth’s second choice. What is wrong? How in blazes has a rag tag group of unwashed do-gooders like Anita Beaty’s weathered the storm against Atlanta’s slickest CABAL? This downtown crowd has torn down stadiums and built new ones in half the time of this lingering conspiracy. What’s going on? Taking by fraud is not supposed to be this difficult, especially not in troubled Atlanta. (2) Central Atlanta Progress (CAP) to my knowledge has never in the history of the plantation even been subpoenaed. Now it finds itself in the middle of a lawsuit accused of many wrongdoings including racketeering and tortious interference. Granted our system of “just-us” very well may coddle CAP and ADID and Manny as it did the City of Atlanta. A Federal Judge ruled the City of Atlanta to be under the protection of Sovereign Immunity. Remember Henry VIII murdered several of his wives, but old Harry was protected from facing trial by Sovereign Immunity. That’s what kings do. That’s what Presidents do. That’s what tyrants do.  (3) The Hebrew Bible and the New Testament as well record almost every treachery under the sun. Solomon wrote that there was nothing new under the sun: he was speaking I believe of new opportunities to experience pleasure. He could have mentioned that there’s no new violence either. In fact, name a wrongdoing. It’s in the Bible. Liars, cheaters, thieves, rapists, usurers, daughters helping themselves with their fathers, children disrespecting their parents, parents abusing their children. I know of no account in literature, in or out of the Bible that more nearly describes TEAM GOLIATH’S conspiring to steal Peachtree-Pine than Jezebel’s stealing Naboth’s vineyard. That account is presented in I Kings 21. It’s pretty cut and dried. King Ahab wanted Naboth’s vineyard. Naboth for family reasons would not sell his vineyard to the king. Ahab of Samaria differed slightly from TEAM GOLIATH of Atlanta. Ahab offered to purchase the vineyard for a fair price. TEAM GOLIATH of Atlanta has no notion of such fairness. TEAM GOLIATH operates under the banner that a thing is theirs by taking. Ahab, Israel’s most evil king, is in closer touch with justice than is TEAM GOLIATH”S leadership. (4) Day after day miracles are being experienced at the Peachtree Pine facility. The turning of the tide began when the City of Atlanta’s Department of Watershed Management was paid in September 2014, $600,000.00+ owed in water bills. This resolution was made possible by the generosity of several financial supporters who joined other very generous and committed people who have for decades given constant financial support. Since September the floodgates of financial and in-kind donations have opened. (5) Thousands of dollars of state-of-the-art kitchen equipment has arrived. Volunteers are planning diligently to open the Peachtree Pine kitchen that will serve food to people both inside and outside Peachtree Pine. That kitchen will serve to train chefs. Our Rooftop Garden under the leadership of Carl Hartrampf and Stanley Harper thrives. Volunteers with expertise in water management have captured thousands of gallons of rainwater and are upgrading all uses of water in the 94,000 square foot building. Volunteer artists are working to reopen the Our Studio/ Gallery on the corner of Peachtree and Pine. For eight months volunteers have refurbished  Our Gallery at the corner of Peachtree and Pine. Faithful churches from inside and outside the perimeter steadily bring supplies that support the roof garden as well as the daily operations. A volunteer coordinates group visits from far and near. Eleven students from the University of Missouri have been with us for a week, organizing donations, cleaning our Our Clothing Closet and assisting people in need. This group is being housed beautifully by the Episcopal Church of the Epiphany in Decatur. This faithful church is one of forty  plus other groups and churches that bring food daily. Our residents describe Epiphany’s feasts as “scrumptious.” As I write this piece more than 100 homeless Atlantans have been served by experienced staffers in Our Say Services Center. A room down from the lobby houses the GED/Computer room where 9 people are at computers searching for jobs and applying for assistance in housing and income support. (6) In a word Peachtree Pine thrives. Just how long it will take Jezebel to deliver us to King Ahab, nobody knows. The TEAM GOLIATH conspiracy for decades has brought in scoundrels to deliver Peachtree Pine. This old phoenix may outlast both monsters, Jezebel and TEAM GOLIATH. James Wilson Beaty Jeremiah 22:16 January 16, 2015

Baker Doneson Attorneys Steve Hall and Bob Brazier filed the following Exhibit 15 Tab 15 in Judge Craig Schwall’s Superior Court of Fulton County, Georgia, on July 11, 2014. Baker Donelson entitled this Exhibit 15, “Robinson-Fialkow email.” Judge Schwall responded with his ruling with the following order. He made the way clear for Manny Fialkow’s Premium Finance Solutions, Inc, to move toward dispossessory of the Peachtree-Pine Property. Also, Judge Schwall AFFIRMED Special Master Frank Strickland’s Order which stated that Defendants Manny Fialkow, Central Atlanta Progress and Atlanta Downtown Improvement District face 8 claims of wrongdoing worthy to be heard before a jury. ATLANTA JOURNAL CONSTITUTION Reporter Rhonda Cook reported on the ruling in a front page article and did not mention the 8 claims that the defendants must face. Cook is notorious for one-sided and flawed reporting. Her research methodology is suspect. If she read the Special Master’s report, a reader could never tell it. Remember, for years Rhonda Cook has served as Debi Starnes’ and AJ Robinson’s newsletter propagandist. Cook’s willingness years ago to comply with CAP’s cause prompted Richard Orr to squeal to the Boss, “We’re in!”

This Exhibit 15 features Manny Fialkow and AJ Robinson. The conspiracy was so widespread at this point in May 2009 that Manny Fialkow writes to fellow conspirator, AJ Robinson, “Offering the alternatives is the best way to avoid or counter a lawsuit.” Rest assured Emanuel “Micah 2:1-2” Fialkow is familiar with facing lawsuits. Both the emails in this Exhibit 15 were written on May 17, 2009. I quote them verbatim.

“From: Emanuel Fialkow
To: AJ Robinson
Sent: Sunday, May 17, 2009
Subject: Note of potential importance

Michael Weinstock was the campaign chair (and housed the campaign of) T. Jackson Bedford, the judge who turned Anita’s water back on.

If need be I can get him to make a call or show up to sit with Troutman or even take that part of the case if it comes up again.

Offering the alternatives is the likely best way to avoid or counter a lawsuit.

I will continue to quietly attempt to come up with them, including buying single family homes or small apt blgs not too far from, but far enough from downtown.


From: AJ Robinson

Sent: May 17, 2009

To: esf@fialkow.net
Re: note of potential importance

Ok, but keep confidential……she will not be satisfied, she’s all about power and control.

Note: Imagine Manny Fialkow offering to call an associate, Michael Weinstock, former campaign manager of a judge for the purpose of influencing a judge. Can that happen? Are judges called? Is it ethical to pressure a judge? I thought judges were pressured ONLY to interpret and KEEP the law? Is Manny Fialkow close to the justice that we all cherish? And the same person who can influence is concerned about being taken to court in a lawsuit? Me thinks thou protests too much! And what about “the judge who turned Anita’s water back on”? Is anyone safe in a world where the Manny Fialkows influence judges and the AJ Robinsons write that saints who give their lives serving the poor are “all about power and control.”

Let me think. Where have I heard Anita Beaty described as a person who is “all about power and control”? Power and control? Power and control! Let me see. Were those very words stated in the…? No way! They couldn’t have been spoken there!

James Wilson Beaty
Jeremiah 22:16
September 8, 2014

The title of this exhibit 5 Tab 5 “Sammy…we are keeping the pressure on….” is borrowed from Exhibit 2 Tab 2 “Who REALLY Runs Atlanta.” The pressure that is being applied to plot against the Task Force for the Homeless and homeless people present in downtown surfaces clearly in the October 23, 2006 meeting held at Central Atlanta Progress. Remember Mayor Shirley Franklin’s office hosted this meeting while CAP furnished the place to meet and United Way gathered other conspirators to attend this gathering. The subject line reads: Meeting about Peachtree and Pine. Wardell’s points listed below are to be covered in the November 20, 2006 meeting. Same song, different verse.

David E. Wardell, CPP, Vice President, Operations and Public Safety, on Friday, November 17, 2006 informs CAP Boss Robinson of the “Things that people are going to look into:”
– Look at emergency shelter standards (Public Works and United Way/Homeless Commission staff)
– Evaluate strengths and weaknesses of Homeless TF (Code enforcement and Homeless Commission;
– Who is on the Board of Directors of the Homeless Task Force? Want to go to the source of their resourcing and/or political support.
– Data to be collected: Volume of Complaints, Bad capacity there and at other shelters (Homeless Commission Staff;
– Law Department was going to look at the applicable or prevailing ordinances (Lem – Law Department)
– What is required to declare it a public nuisance?
– I delivered the copy of the Homeless Master Plan for their expansion program that City Planning requested. Looking at Grandfather Clauses and Fire and Safety Codes.
– Zoning as SPI (City Planning)
– Develop Public Affairs Component (? – Did not determine responsibility for putting this together) Lynette is looking for recommendations for solutions at this meeting
– We delivered the Executive Summary of the incidents in the area to Lynette (she acknowledged receipt).
– Since our last meeting (Ko Hassan’s Oct. 23rd meeting) Judge Green rebutted the information (Will not let it happen in the future) about the ordinances the police were allegedly being challenged by the Municipal Court for enforcing. Urban camping and something to do with tampering with vehicles in parking lots.

As long ago as 2006, eight years back, this conspiracy has boiled. The fight against the poor in the streets of Dr. King’s city has been relentless and endless.

Note: Dave Wardell’s to do list speaks for itself. However, several points are worthy of notice. Involved in plans to disappear the largest emergency shelter in the Southeast are the very persons mandated to give relief to those in need. Rather than help, suggest, aid, support and rescue; these charlatans form the largest conspiracy imaginable against the weakest people and the most vulnerable of non-profit organizations. Look at the organizations in the cabal: United Way, City Hall, City Council, The Chamber of Commerce, The Homeless Commission, headed so long by the Venerable Horace Sibley, the churches on Peachtree Street (for God’s sake). Atlanta had the opportunity to make Peachtree-Pine the finest example of a city’s caring for its little ones. What did they do? They plotted ways to declare it a nuisance. What did they do with a workable plan for mixed housing? They sabotaged the plan and looked for those who might have been responsible for it. They “got to” the nuns who held the mortgage. Boatloads of evidence of tortious interference, fraud and racketeering come out later in the remaining exhibits masterfully presented on July 11, 2014 by Baker Donelson attorneys. Watch for Exhibit 6 Tab 6 where monolithic Emory Health Care, Inc. raises its holy head.

James Wilson Beaty
Jeremiah 22:16
August 5, 2014


Whenever Atlanta Housing Authority wants to dig up a legitimate reason to kick out a family, the expression “shine a light on them” is understood by all.  It always implies, “Get rid of those undesirables.”  A. J. Robinson pops up interminably in these 28 exhibits; the CAP president is an evidence-making machine.  Someone cries “DISCOVERY” and the Boss answers, “Here am I, Lord, send me.”  Robinson also wants to shine a light on “these nuts.”  This Exhibit 2, Tab 2 is a continuation of the thinking revealed in Exhibit 1, Tab 1.  CAP’s thinking excludes homeless people, poor people, the wrong people in downtown space that CAP is there to cleanse.  In Exhibit 1, Tab 1 “…it will give these nuts a forum” a Georgia State professor in 2003 had invited CAP to participate in a panel discussion.  The e-mail sent by Dr. Chuck Steffen lists those invited and an additional person suggested by United Way’s Terri Smith.  The names in front of Robinson when he came up with his “these nuts” comment are the following: Colin Campbell of the ATLANTA JOURNAL CONSTITUTION, Mark O’Connell of Atlanta United Way, Rev. Timothy McDonald of Concerned Black Clergy, Senator Vincent Fort and Anita Beaty of the Task Force for the Homeless.  Which of these persons get Robinson’s label, “these nuts”?  I don’t believe Colin Campbell is one of “these nuts.”  Campbell in 2005 was a silk stocking elitist as qualified to discuss homelessness as is a jack rabbit to teach Sunday School.  And Mark O’Connel of United Way experiences apoplexy at the thought of a homeless family seeking help in the antiseptic halls of Atlanta United Way.  I’ll bet five smooth stones and a shock of Goliath’s hair that Robinson’s “these nuts” did not refer to the pristine Colin Campbell or the privileged Mark O’Connell.  Remember “these Nuts” was penned first in 2003.  Mark O’Connel some years later left United Way with a million dollar bonus tucked away in his morning coat.

In our list of invitees only the dregs are left: “that woman” Anita Beaty, a Concerned Black Clergy preacher named Timothy McDonald and State Senator Vincent Fort, a constant thorn in the side of the good ole white boy cabal nestled in the downtown establishment.  Years after 2003 CAP spent tax payers’ money trying to defeat Senator Fort.  He won by the usual 70%. “Senator Vincent Fort “By A Landslide – – Sorry CAP” posted Augtust 7, 2010 tells that story.  So at least we know the identity of “these nuts.”  Don’t forget to throw in the distinguished Professor Steffen.  I’m sure Boss Robinson includes him.

Exhibit 2, Tab 2 contains an e-mail chain that begins with Doug Alexander to Paul Kelman to A. J. Robinson to Dave Wardell.  Doug Alexander at the writing of these e-mails is with GDOT, Office of Intermodal Programs.  He is not at CAP but surely he is one of them.  While on Atlanta City Council, he displayed endlessly the Atlanta City Council mindset, a clear voice against the voiceless.  Alexander is comfortable in the corner and in the confines of CAP.  He’s not a CAP light in 2005, but rest assured he’s one of them.  Alexander’s e-mail contains scary letters and words like GDOT Office of Intermodal Programs.  If that doesn’t chill the soul try, Georgia Rail Passenger Authority.  His e-mail is sent to Paul Kelman, a Gordon Liddy lookalike but not as kind.  Everyone needs to know Paul Kelman.  One of his quotes in the AJC captures best the heart of Central Atlanta Progress.  It is a reflection of the tone of its leadership in any decade of its running downtown Atlanta.  Kelman said he would rather see a toxic waste dump in Downtown Atlanta than to see a facility there that serves homeless people with AIDS.  Anytime anyone cares to check the heartbeat of CAP, go to Kelman’s words.   Look at “What’s In A Middle Name?” posted April 19, 2011.

Doug Alexander’s e-mail to Paul “toxic waste dump” Kelman is short, “Paul, here is a follow up that I just received.  Isn’t demigodary (sic) wonderful.”  Not knowing what Alexander is thinking, I have no way of making sense of his creation “demigodary.”  As a member of City Council he frequently made up things.

Paul Kelman forwards Alexander’s “follow up” with a ten-word attempt to write a sentence, “They took our e-mail and recast in their terms.”  Then A. J. Robinson sends the following to Paul Kelman and David Wardell, “All those organizations are fringe establishments that have caused trouble for everyone for years…how can we shine a light on them…can someone do a little research, don’t believe anyone likes or gets along with them, particularly the established homeless community organizations….”  David Wardell is the last link in this e-mail chain.  On 7/15/2005 at 3:41 p. m. he writes to Boss Robinson and to Paul Kelman, “I will meet with Phil Bray (Safe House) and others today for their support.”

In Exhibit 1, Tab 1 we see the need for CAP to avoid any contact with “these nuts” as far back as 2003.  In Exhibit 2, Tab 2 Boss Robinson asks for research and then how can we shine a light on them.  Remember Atlanta Housing Authority shines a light on them.  These communications show CAP’s reaching its tentacles out to the Georgia Rail Passenger Authority.  Watch for Exhibit 3, Tab 3 which shows that the Central Atlanta Progress’s bedfellows include the Atlanta Chamber Of Commerce, especially its leader, Sam Williams.  That’s the Sam Williams recently splattered all over the news as being connected to the SACS cheating scandal in Atlanta Public Schools.  What’s in a middle name: Sam “get those scores up” Williams.


James Wilson Beaty

Jeremiah 22:16

July 19, 2014


If you gather round me children, a story I will tell

Pretty Boy Floyd, an outlaw; Oklahoma knew him well.


It was in the town of Shawnee; it was Saturday afternoon,

His wife beside him in his wagon; it was in to town they rode,

There a deputy sheriff approached him in a manner rather rude

Using vulgar words of language; and his wife she overheard.

Pretty Boy grabbed a log chain; and the deputy grabbed his gun.

In the fight that followed he laid that deputy down.


There’s a many a starving farmer; the same old story told

How this outlaw paid their mortgage, and saved their little home.


Others tell you of a stranger that come to beg a meal

And underneath his napkin left a thousand dollar bill.

It was in Oklahoma City; it was on a Christmas Day

There come a car load of groceries ; there’s a letter that did say

Well, you say that I’m an outlaw; you say that I’m a thief

Here’s a Christmas dinner for the families on relief.


Now it’s through this world I ramble; I see lots of funny men

Some will rob you with a six gun, some with a fountain pen.

But if through your life you travel, and if through your life you roam

You’ll never see an outlaw drive a family from their home.

Micah 2:1-3 “Woe to those who plan iniquity, to those who plot evil on their beds! At morning’s light they carry it out because it is in their power to do it. They covet fields and seize them, and houses, and take them. They defraud a man of his home, a fellow man of his inheritance. Therefore, the Lord says, I am planning disaster against this people, for which you cannot save yourselves. You will no longer walk proudly, for it will be a time of calamity.

Amos 2:7 “They trample on the heads of the poor as upon the dust of the ground and deny justice to the oppressed.



Note:  In Georgia thousands of homes are “under water.”  Of those thousands hundreds have been foreclosed upon by mortgage holders.  Not one of those homes was taken by an outlaw holding a six gun; rather, they were taken by robbers holding fountain pens.


James Wilson Beaty

Jeremiah 22:16

August 6, 2013

City office of Grants Management

On the first day of Christmas, Horace Sibley sent to me a family living in a pear tree.  Many months ago Horace Sibley’s daughter, Eve, emailed me from across the sea saying that if I knew her father I would not write what I had written about him.  Had I had the opportunity to speak with Eve Sibley, I would say to her what I said to Debi Starnes at Manuel’s Tavern, “What I write is not personal; it’s spiritual.” 


Sibley, an attorney retired from King and Spaulding in Atlanta, served as the first chair of Mayor Shirley Franklin’s Commission on Homelessness.  That misnamed and misbegotten body has lived through many phases.  Under the cover of night, Franklin while Mayor slipped across the street from City Hall to the Georgia Legislature to get the vote to make her “commission” an authority.  She got the vote and immediately she got also a veto from Governor Sonny Dupree.  Franklin and Sibley wanted state money that could have come if their little creation could be made an authority.


During the early days of serving as chair of the mayor’s commission, Horace Sibley frequented the Peachtree Pine Community regularly, always with note pad in hand.  He brought Eve, an accomplished portrait artist to the Art Works Studio.  She painted in our studio the faces of many residents.  Horace told me once that he was a friend of Peachtree Pine, and we had his support.  He knew he was bearing false witness, and I thought of THE ODYSSEY.  In addition to bullying frightened homeless women, he is Horace “Sinon” Sibley.


He took his twisted version of what he had learned at Peachtree Pine to the Outreach Committee at St. Philips Cathedral (Episcopal) and that body of believers cut funding to Peachtree Pine ($30,000 annually).  He took his notes to TEAM GOLIATH and Debi Starnes.  His fellow conspirators like A.J. Robinson and Tennco’s Brad Curry and  Emory Health Care’s Al Blackwelder and an entire entourage of movers and shakers drove  in a Central Atlanta Progress van to visit Dan Cathy at the Chic-fil-a headquarters.  Soon, miraculously, all Cathy money stopped.  Chic-fil-a’s moo cow band was seen no more at Peachtree Pine.  The training of new employees coming to the shelter ended.  Dan Cathy’s sleeping over at The Pine was history.

 As chair of the mayor’s commission, Sibley was operating as an agent of the City of Atlanta.  That’s called Tortious Interference.  Georgia State University School of Law gave an annual award to Sibley as the lawyer in Atlanta who did most for homeless people.  For his stopping money going to The Pine, he was deposed for six hours by Steve Hall, Baker Donelson attorney representing the Task Force.  Sister Jane Garety, a nun who works for the Denver based Mercy Housing, Inc., wrote an email to Horace saying that the City of Atlanta will be indebted to Mercy Housing, Inc. for its part in helping Emanuel Fialkow foreclose on the Peachtree Pine building.  How do you like them apples?  A Roman Catholic Nun-Run organization, whose mission is to help nonprofit organizations avoid foreclosure, winds up in bed with the likes of A. J. Robinson, Manny Fialkow and Horace Sibley.

Is it any wonder Horace Sibley’s name surfaces at the mention of TEAM GOLIATH, that hideous strength.  On the first day of Christmas, Horace Sibley sent to me a family living in a pear tree.  I wonder if that family would be labeled by Horace “chronically Homeless” or just the regular run of the mill homeless.


On the second day of Christmas, Mayor Kasim Reed sent to me two Innovation Delivery Team members.  NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg in the summer of 2011awarded $1.4 million for each of three years to five cities.  Atlanta is one of the five.   The money was allocated to address homelessness in Atlanta.  Reed created his Innovation Delivery Team to address two specific areas:  panhandling and customer service in Atlanta City Hall.  This improved service was to be delivered primarily to the business community.  While both areas badly need attention, the homeless mother with an infant may have more pressing needs on a cold January night than panhandling and customer service in City Hall. 


Superstar Kristin “Lexis-Nexis” Wilson according to the mayor handled millions of dollars and will be assisting the “chronically homeless.”  One the second day of Christmas, Mayor Reed sent to me two members of the $1.4 million Innovation Delivery Team.


On the third day of Christmas, Debi “homeless czar” Starnes sent to me, three bogus letters signed Greg Pridgeon.  During the Czar’s tenure of serving homeless people, She wrote three letters signed by Greg Pridgeon.  These letters were written to the state blocking all public funding to the people at Peachtree Pine.  Since the signing of these letters, no public money, city, county, state or federal has gone to support the people at Peachtree Pine.  The City’s Office of Grants Management approved funding all three years but Starnes and Franklin overrode that decision.  Greg Pridgeon, I understand, is today the manager of Rockdale County.  On the third day of Christmas, Debi Starnes sent to me, three bogus letters signed Greg Pridgeon.


On the fourth day of Christmas, Rector Hoare sent to me four fingers shooting the bird.  On Super Bowl Sunday 2010, Rector Hoare from his high pulpit at the Varsity Grill Episcopal Church blasted Peachtree Pine as a squalor, a place unfit for human habitation.  CEO Rector Hoare stands with the business community, coached by Central Atlanta Progress, damning the occupants and management of the Peachtree Pine Community.  I know that when government and business crawl in bed together the result is a form of fascism.  What’s it called when the church crawls under the covers with government and business.  I’ll ask Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  On the fourth day of Christmas Rector Hoare sent to me four fingers shooting the bird.


On the fifth day of Christmas, Emanuel “God with us” Fialkow’s lawyer sent to me five golden necklaces.  At one of the many hearings in the Superior Court of Fulton County, a dozen or so TEAM GOLIATH lawyers huddled.  One of these worthies representing Fialkow was bedecked in gold necklaces.  His wavy locks flowed down his back while his gold chains dangled down his front.  My mind took me to the New Testament, Acts 3:6 where Peter exclaims, “Silver and gold have I none, but such as I have, give I thee.”  TEAM GOLIATH boasts quite a roster with gold loving Hoare in his Episcopal pulpit and gold wearing barristers in the courtroom.  That’s a winner every time in our time.  On the fifth day of Christmas, Fialkow’s lawyer sent to me five golden necklaces.


On the sixth day of Christmas, Dave“Great news!” Wardell of Central Atlanta Progress fame and fortune sent to me six vats of Kool Ade.  On one of the three times that the City of Atlanta turned off the water at The Pine shelter, the head guy at Georgia State University Security read all about it in Atlanta’s only morning paper.  The security fellow was beside himself with glee, so he blackberried his pal David Wardell at CAP.  Wardell, in a meeting, blackberried back, “Great news!”  I wrote an entire blog citing how Wardell got his middle name.  What I was not able to ascertain was how Wardell became such a sensitive person.  Rather than letting them eat cake, let them drink Kool Ade, compliments of caring CAP.  In an earlier blog, the Kool Ade came from Mayor Franklin, Debi Starnes and dear Bruce Gunter.  Gunter recalling the Jim Jones massacre, said, “Debi, could I take a gallon to Anita Beaty?”  On the sixth day of Christmas, Dave“Great news!” Wardell sent to me six vats of Kool Ade.


On the seventh day of Christmas, A. J. ”We’re all kind of mystified” Robinson sent to me seven worms a squirming.  Robinson is the head honcho at the heartbeat of Atlanta, Central Atlanta Progress. He is the primary mover, along with the merciful nuns, in Manny “Do I smell a fault?” Fialkow scheme to swindle The Pine property.  His middle name comes from his quote in the morning paper when he learned of Debi Starnes’ yarn of a lice infestation at The Pine shelter.  Why dear A. J. exclaimed, “We are all kind of mystified.”  We were neve surer what mystified his mind; however, we never doubted it.  Was he mystified by the enormity of the Starnes fabrication or by the presence of a louse on his person.  The seven  worms a squirming symbolize the current trepidation of some of the good ole boys who have served so well TEAM GOLIATH, that hideous strength.  On the seventh day of Christmas, A. J. Robinson sent to me seven worms a squirming.


On the eight day of Christmas, Vince “Of model Gateway Shelter” Smith sent to me eight maids all nursing.  Under oath in three separate depositions, CAP”S Richard Orr and A. J. Robinson and the City’s Debi Starnes and Horace Sibley stated that The Gateway Shelter is a model and will be an arm in ending homelessness in Atlanta.  From time to time staff members at The Gateway send homeless women with their children, usually on foot, across town to The Pine.  Sometimes these women with their children have been refused entrance for any number of reasons.  Members of my staff have been told by The Gateway people that Peachtree Pine is no longer in operation.  One time we called and a woman working the telephone said she did not have a telephone number for Peachtree Pine.  So much for the Starnes/Sibley model shelter.  On the eight day of Christmas, Vince Smith sent to me, eight maids all nursing.


On the ninth day of Christmas, Protip “lights the way at United Way” Biswas sent to me nine mothers weeping.  The mayor’s commission on homelessness has metamorphosed from a potential state authority into a limp member now labeled United Way’s Regional Commission on Homelessness.  It does what the HAG (Starnes’ Homeless Action Group) does.  It does what Woody Bartlett’s HAP (Home Action Plan) did for a brief shining moment.  It does what Alan Harris’s group does.  They all do the same thing.  They all meet.  They meet. They meet.  They meet.  Protip is now the executive director of United Way’s Regional Commission on Homelessness.  I have no idea what “region” they encompass.  Early morning no long ago I encountered a mother with two children sitting on steps inside our building.  She was crying with her children sitting quietly beside her.  Someone at the Edgewood Ave offices of Atlanta United Way told her directions to Peachtree Pine.  This poor woman thought she might get help at United Way.  On the ninth day of Christmas, Protip Biswas sent to me nine mothers weeping.  Again, I have to ask Protip and his fellow experts, are these three people “chronically homeless,” or are they just your ordinary run of the mill homeless citizens of Atlant?  And which group are we serving this year?  Is 311 the way I reach Lexis-Nexis?


On the tenth day of Christmas, Jack Hardin sent to me ten Lords a quaking.  Lords quake and worms squirm whenever exposed to the light.  TEAM GOLIATH  boasts in its membership both Lords and worms and some of them are one and the same.  Three lawsuits are currently on appeal and all three involve movers and shakers, worms and quakers.  On the tenth day of Christmas, Jack Hardin sent to me ten Lords a quaking.


On the eleventh day of Christmas, Ratchet Rob “Happy to turn off your water” Hunter sent to me eleven huge rain barrels.  The garden atop the many thousand square foot roof contains thirty beds of vegetables.  Two rain barrels help water the hundreds of plants.  On command from Debi Starnes, Ratchet Rob three times turned off the water used for cooking, bathing, flushing and drinking.  Ratchet Rob Hunter lost his job as Commissioner of the Department of Water Mismanagement at the City of Atlanta.  Word has it that he turned off the water of one too many Buckhead Betty.  On the eleventh day of Christmas, Ratchet Rob Hunter sent to me eleven rain barrels.


On the twelfth day of Christmas, Renee Glover sent to me twelve leveled housing communities.  Renee Glover heads the Atlanta Housing Authority, and she lounges in the fact that she is one of the darlings of Washington HUD.  Although she’s been scorched around Atlanta for a few little money improprieties, she’s evidently safe in the arms of Jesus.  I don’t know how a few million dollars in the wrong place here and there could cause a problem, surely not in Atlanta.  The United State’s public housing policy for the last 25 years is perfectly mirrored in Atlanta, in the Atlanta Housing Authority.  Since 2005 in Atlanta, 3200 units of public housing have been demolished, leveled, removed, disappeared.  In those units 9,600 men, women and children have been displaced and not placed anywhere.  The federal government’s policy on housing the poorest of the poor is to actively disappear them.  How do I know this?  I know it through my staff members who speak with some of these victims every day.  Atlanta Housing Authority has disappeared the poorest of its poor residents.


Demolishing run-down, drug-infested, rat infested units of housing and replacing them with safe sanitary living quarters is commendable.  Displacing 9,600 people from 3,200 units of housing with no intention of rebuilding them is detestable.  The City of Atlanta gets up early and stays up late working on disappearing low-incoming housing and no-income housing.  Disappear both out of sight.  (Micah 2:1-2:TEAM GOLIATH’S favorite Hebrew Bible passage).  These two example of disappearing the poor from our streets and the poor from their houses exposes to full light where we are as a City and where we are as a nation in addressing the least of these among us.     


My pieces NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS and AN EXPLANATION OF THE TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS touch many of the people within the hideous strength that I have named TEAM GOLIATH; however, I have not scratched the surface of suffering humanity my staff deals with 24 hours a day.  And those suffering ones are the very ones that the TEAM GOLIATHS crush beneath their boots every day.  It does not have to be this way.  Atlanta does not have to be this way.  City Council does not have to be a nest of simpering pawns.  City Hall does not have to be a den of corrupt climbers, 1.4 million dollars for salaries and customer service while babies and children are languishing before our very eyes.


The last verse of the fourth gospel come to mind; John21:25 says, “And there are many other things that Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written.  Let me borrow from John’s metaphor.  Let us stop piling atrocities upon atrocities that are filling more than all the books of the world, and let us begin doing for each other what the Galilean told us to do.


James Wilson Beaty

Jeremiah 22:16

January 8, 2013  


On the twelfth day of Christmas

Renee Glover sent to me

Twelve leveled housing communities

Eleven huge rain barrels

Ten Lords a quaking

Nine mothers weeping

Eight maids all nursing

Seven worms a squirming

Six vats of Kool Ade

Five golden necklaces

Four fingers shooting the bird

Three bogus letters signed Greg Pridgeon

Two Innovation Delivery Team members

And a family living in a pear tree.


Note:  Be sure to tune in tomorrow, January 7, 2013, for an explanation of the twelve gifts and givers in my Twelve Days of Christmas.  For instance why would former Czar of Homelessness, Debi Starnes send three bogus letters signed Greg Pridgeon.  What three letters?  What did they say?  Who wrote them?  What did they accomplish, etc., etc.?  Why would Rector Hoare give anyone the finger from the high pulpit of his Varsity Grill Episcopal Church?


James Wilson Beaty

Jeremiah 22:16

January 6, 2013