The feedback from Terry Carter’s “Battle of Atlanta…” is nothing short of overwhelming. It was written for the May 2011 edition of The American Bar Association Journal, (ABAJOURNAL). View this article @ Then click CURRENT ISSUE; FEATURE SECTION and the first article is “Battle of Atlanta: Fight Over a Downtown Homeless Shelter Strains Some Down-Home Ties.”

The Baker Donelson attorneys have operated masterfully in the ongoing lawsuits against the City of Atlanta as well as the racketeering lawsuit against conspirators such as Manny “Do you smell a fault?” Fialkow, Central Atlanta Progress, Atlanta Downtown Improvement District, Cousins Properties, and Emory Health Care, to name a few.

These lawsuits are unique in the history of Atlanta. Never has the good ole boy downtown buddy system known as Central Atlanta Progress, ever been challenged for its strong-arm antics. Imagine, 50 years of plantation mentality that has never once been questioned!

Throw in the muscle-bound and opulent Emory Health Care, Inc. alongside the tainted developer Manny ‘Do you smell a fault?” Fialkow, and you have a witches’ brew that would draw the attention of any hungry jury. It already smells to high heaven, and Steve Hall and Bob Brazier of the prestigious Baker Donelson Firm have not yet made the turn toward second base. Yogi Berra would say, “It’s getting late early.”

The contents of Terry Carter’s “Battle for Atlanta…” must be told across our beloved city and across the good skies of America. The wronged poor should not have to endure the Jack Hardins and Manny Fialkows and Debi Starnes even in good ole boy Atlanta. The two monotone media blips in Atlanta, the AJC and the limp CREATIVE LOAFING will never touch this story that is now nationwide. I doubt if the AJC will cover the story even when TEAM GOLIATH sits in front of a jury in a court of law.

But neither the narrow AJC nor the noodle LOAFER is needed. 60 MINUTES, 20-20, THE NEW YORK TIMES, THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE, THE WASHINGTON POST and many other reputable newspapers are not owned by Cousins or Emory or Coca-Cola. The SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE has never heard of Rector “Doing Justice” Hoare or his Peachtree Corridor Churches. THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR wouldn’t recognize A. J. Robinson if he danced naked on an electrified rug, unless they had seen his video clip in Terry Carter’s article.

Please find ways to get Carter’s words to people who might care. A Washington, D. C. lawyer said today that this ABA JOURNAL is the best thing he has read and that he has sent it to everyone he knows. He added that it will be read by a million lawyers across America.

Public opinion is huge. I know. Contributions, public and private for The Pine have dwindle following lies broadcast by the likes of Debi Starnes and Horace Sibley. People like them have created the myths of lice infestation and outbreaks of tuberculosis and squalor (Rector Hoare) and human feces (Manny Fialkow). This ABA JOURNAL article lifts the veil exposing the real pig pen.

Please remember with me that English poet, John Milton, in late 1548 published, ON THE TENURE OF KINGS. The thesis of that document holds that if the King (Charles I of England) is removed from the throne, his head also must be removed from his body. Scholars tell us that almost every person in England who could read, in fact, would have read Milton’s pamphlet by the end of January 1549.

How effective were Milton’s words? On a bitterly cold January 30 afternoon in 1549, King Charles I was beheaded near London’s Whitehall Palace with a frozen Thames nearby. Milton’s pamphlet did not sever Charles’ head from his body. But it shifted public opinion in favor of execution. Truths like “Battle of Atlanta…” shift public opinion.

Atlanta does not have a frozen Thames, but it’s getting unusually chilly downtown near The Hurt Building and over at City Hall. Not one of these conspirators once dreamed they could get caught. What a sight, almost too much to behold. A dozen of them standing there exposed with there small clothes snug around their ankles. And sad Starnes stands in their midst. My dear Lord, what a morning when the stars begin to fall. Good night “Train wreck!”

James Wilson Beaty
May 18, 2011
Jeremiah 22:16

For a month a home-school teacher in California has used my SACRED GRAMMAR with her five students. I want to share with you the following unsolicited comment:

“My nephew just asked, ‘Hey, Aunt Nessie, are we going to do SACRED GRAMMAR today?’ I replied, ‘Yes.’ He jumped up and said, ‘YES! I love SACRED GRAMMAR!’

“What in the world?!!! I have been meaning to tell you that we are really enjoying this book…not only are my kids excited to learn Grammar, I am thrilled to learn with them. I am convinced that Grammar is the foundation to all other subjects, and it is crucial for us to have this base. It really is changing how we learn and how we speak to one another. It saddens me to know that they have removed this precious gem from public schools. Thank you so much!

“Will, my nephew, also mentioned his favorite part of the book is its Biblical base…it really is one of their favorite parts of the day. We sit in our beautiful patio, sip on some tea and learn together.”

James Wilson Beaty
Jeremiah 22.16
May 16, 2011

The prestigious AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION JOURNAL is read by half of America’s 1,000,000 lawyers. The May 2011 edition features the article entitled, “Battle of Atlanta: Fight over a downtown Homeless Shelter Strains Some Down-Home Ties.” Please google, if you will, American Bar Association Journal for the article if you wish to read the exposure of TEAM GOLIATH’s conspiracy to shut down and take the property known as The Peachtree-Pine Community. This is the City/CAP 15 year effort to cleanse downtown of poor African-American men. Also available in the article is a videotaped clip of A. J. Robinson’s deposition on February 23, 2010. Viewing that clip is worth the price of admission.

The article touches on different phases of the city/corporate conspiracy to disappear both homeless men and Peachtree-Pine from downtown Atlanta. A Who’s Who of racketeers could not have better covered the plot. Some of TEAM GOLIATH’s key players in this fifteen-year plan are named, even quoted. Even Rufus Terrill’s BUMBOT made this article. The article mentions The Czar of Homelessness, Debi Starnes. It quotes Jack Hardin, lawyer, board chair of United Way and former friend of the Task Force. Hardin once told a Task Force Board member that the Commission To End Homelessness had “created a train wreck.” Read for Hardin’s quote regarding Attorney Steve Hall’s drinking Kool-Ade.

Note what Judge Craig Schwall, Jr. said to TEAM GOLIATH lawyers about his court room.

Read about Manny “Do you smell a fault?” Fialkow and how his lawyers attempt to defend this “does not smell good” developer. Read about the HUD Complaint filed against the City of Atlanta. Note please that this HUD is Washington HUD, not Atlanta HUD which I name in my writings, Atlanta City Hall West. I’ve called Atlanta HUD “HUD Lights” for years. Atlanta HUD is a member of the same club as Atlanta City Hall, Central Atlanta Progress and the entire good ole boy buddy system that fouls the air downtown.

Who among us on the limp, weak, voiceless, impotent Team David would have dreamed that A. J. Robinson would be viewed by 500,000 lawyers from coast to coast of our great land. That tower of strength and his cronies have never been deposed. They have never been subpoenaed. They have never been questioned. They spent a whole day at City Hall and complained to Lisa Borders that that took too long to stop a measly $100,000 funding to Peachtree-Pine. They have spent a lifetime putting Black people in their place, out of corporate Atlanta’s space.

Now Robinson and his pals stand accused in a RICO lawsuit, civil and criminal charges. Alongside these conspirators stands the City of Atlanta in a Civil suit in Federal Court accusing it of the violation of the civil rights of the seven protected classes who live at The Pine. The tortious interference accusation raises its head hundreds of times in subpoenaed documents. For starters the City finagled the stopping of funds in the Tri-jurisdictional Continuum of Care through the work of Czar Starnes, Horace Sibley and Richard Orr of CAP. The Tri-J joke recommends to HUD who gets funded. Twenty-two million dollars ($22,000,000) of funding has been stopped, blocked or withheld over the last three years. There are no regularly paid employees now at The Pine; there were 28 full-time employees four years ago. Most of the support services for the 600 men continue daily. Forty-two churches faithfully still feed the men, and the residents of The Pine volunteer their time and talents.

The Battle of Atlanta could and should be called “THE MIRACLE OF ATLANTA.” How a tiny, maligned agency for JUSTICE could have withstood the onslaught of INJUSTICE waged by power moguls such as Tom Cousins, Jack Hardin, Rector Hoare, Brad Curry, Jimmy Williams, A. J. Robinson and that CLUB is explained ONLY as a miracle. Those of us dodging the gunfire ask how are we still standing.

The last time I checked, David was twirling his sling shot. His smooth stones total five.

James Wilson Beaty
May 3, 2011
Jeremiah 22.16