Murder By Strangulation


            Mayor Shirley Franklin, primarily through the efforts of her familiar, Debi Starnes, has murdered the Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless, Inc.  The autopsy shows that death came from strangling.  Life left the body after funds were depleted by tortious interference of public contracts in place, having long been established.  Atlanta City Council, Fulton County Council and other surrounding municipalities  watched the dismantling and slow death of the organization that has served homeless people for twenty years. 

            The Hebrew Bible’s Book of Lamentations asks a chilling question: “Is it nothing to you, all you who pass by?”  It is remarkable that the asker of the question is not a prophet or a preacher or even one who has been wronged.  The speaker of the question is the City of Jerusalem.  The City itself wants to know who has done this.  The City of Jerusalem cries out, out of its grief.  If the City of Atlanta had a heart, a soul, we might hear a cry from its ruin, “Is it nothing to you all you who pass by?”  It might cry to its churches, its synagogues, its mosques, its City Council, its County Commission, its gold-domed legislators, its millionaires, its billionaires, it educators, its governor.  It might cry out. However, it need not.  The answer has long ago been uttered, gurgled:  the homeless population can go to hell and, please, take the noisome Task Force with it.


James Wilson Beaty

May 19, 2009

Over The Back Fence

May 1, 2009

     My next-door neighbors, Drs. Sidney and Noelle Williams, are my neighbors and my doctors.  A gravel driveway runs between our properties.  At 6:30 p.m. on April 28, I noticed their son, eight-year-old Sidney, running to and fro in the driveway.  He was decked out in his Atlanta Braves uniform: cap, jersey, pants, socks, glove, etc,  Noelle walks briskly to her car ready to drive away.  The eight year old jumps into the car.  To my delight out comes Dr. Sid wearing his Braves jersey.  The light dawns.  The Williams are off to Turner Field to watch the Braves take on Albert Pujols and the St. Louis Cardinals.  Atlanta beat the Cardinals 2-1.  I want the Williams at every Braves’ game as I know these beautiful people bring them good luck.

James Wilson Beaty

April 30, 2009

Jeremiah 22.16