Several BLOGS ago I said something to the effect that subpoenas might be orbiting like flying biscuits. As I sensed, these frisbee biscuits have flown and according to Flannery O’Connor what goes up must come down. Any guesses as to where these subpoenas came down, so far? Three landed at City Hall. Two in the Department of Grants Management and one in the Department of Water Mismanagement. This second department is headed by the indomitable Rachet Rob “I’ll turn your water off” Hunter.

Speaking of water did you read in the faithful AJC that Atlanta City Council paid the national accounting firm (KPMG) to audit Hunter’s water department. Did the audit find anything? Only that the City of Atlanta owes $140,000,000 in unpaid water bills. Correction: that might not be for water alone. Seems to have been in connection with a trust fund or something. One thing is for sure: if it’s under Shirley’s watch you can rest assured it’s on the up and up. And if Rachet Rob is watching, all’s well. $140,000,000??? I do wonder if Dave “Great news!” Wardell at Central Atlanta Progress is shouting “Great news!” at that news. What will come of all this? Probably the usual; nothing! I can tell you what will not come of it. Water at our cherished City Hall will not be turned off. Where oh where is Rachet Rob when you need him?

On that word SUBPOENA!! Let me see. I have never known its etymology. Sub, sub, sub! I believe that means “under.” Poena, poena, poena! Let me get back to my Latin. I checked with St, Nicholas at the North Pole, and he said he saw some frisbee biscuits orbiting downtown in the area of The Hurt Building.

James Wilson Beaty, PhD
Jeremiah 22.16