Since Atlanta Mayor KR is going to tear down Peachtree Pine and build a new fire station, will he provide fireman’s caps for the 500 men who’ll be sleeping in the red fire engines and hanging out the windows. We can pray that his great leadership will cause this to happen by Christmas. Pretty red fire engines will brighten the drug infested streets around the Pine. Those streets are cluttered with pimps and whores and drug dealers by design. The front door to Precinct 5 opens 80 feet from heavy 24-7 drug trafficking. Could this be by accident. Move those drug business people down around the Commerce Club and watch how long they contemplate and procrastinate and defecate and urinate and masturbate in front of those courageous worthies.

Fulton County Health Department if anyone cared to check the facts has worked daily monitoring TB at Peachtree Pine. I wonder if they have visited City Hall or better yet the questionable, crack CDC? “Visiting” brings to mind a call I received today from a prominent Presbyterian minister. A bit irate, he asked if the Mayor had ever visited Peachtree Pine. I told the inquirer that if he had visited the facility as Mayor, I didn’t know it. He came by, I believe, when he was campaigning. And some of the men were excited that he may come back after the election. Sixty-nine people elected him twice. We have not seen him at the Pine. Perhaps, he drives by as did his predecessor, Shirley of the golden tresses. Ask about the latest appeal won by Baker Donelson attorneys hours before the Commerce Club Conflagration.

James Wilson Beaty
Jeremiah 22:16
August 12, 2015

President Mugabe on WATER

February 4, 2010

Strongman President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe is not known for his compassion or his moral ethics. However, he once said that in his country nobody’s water would ever be shut off for any reason because water is necessary for life. Human beings must have water to live.

The water at the Peachtree-Pine shelter according to Fulton County Health Department officials will be turned off within the next two days. That was stated on February 3 as I was being deposed by city attorneys at Baker Donelson. City of Atlanta leadership on the question of the right to water for all people is less compassionate than the often ruthless Mugabe. In this instance this strongman is more caring than they.

The city’s strategy is clear, and it has nothing to do with water or the disputed water bill. Its purpose in all this is to empty the building of its 700 residents who live there. Let it be known that Fulton County by law has to empty a building that has no drinking water or water available to flush toilets. The county will not empty the building of the 700 plus people if water is available to drink and to flush. A few thousand gallons of water will keep 700 people in their home on Peachtree Street.

Please bring water for drinking and for flushing. Any quantity from bottled water to 5 gallon containers of water to water buffalos is appreciated. Please call the Task Force (404) 230-5000 for more information or just bring water to the Pine Street entrance located on Pine Street between Peachtree Street and Courtland Avenue. Courteous residents of Peachtree Pine will receive any water donated. And I thank you and they thank you. If by some miracle the city gets a heart or if somebody brings $7000 to pay the overdue bill, we will store the water for next month’s emergency. God bless.

City Of Atlanta attorneys deposed me, James Wilson Beaty, at the offices Of Baker Donelson Law Firm today, February 3, 2010. Task Force attorney Steve Hall told me that I can report the full text of my deposition anywhere, especially to the readers of my blog. I would hope to post my deposition within a week. The city brought copies of every blog that I had written–all since April of 2009. Only one attorney posed questions for more than 5 hours. Ninety percent of her questions focused on my blogs. I was flattered. She asked me if I had ever referred to Debi Starnes as a HAG. She asked me if I was familiar with the porn movie, DEBBY DOES DALLAS. She asked me if I compared Debi Starnes with the biblical character, The Witch of Endor. She asked me if I believed the Task Force not stable enough. She asked me what were the millions the Task Force had in store. She asked me the name of the deep throat in City Hall. She asked me if I believe the city attorneys to be a part of TEAM GOLIATH. She asked me to explain the meaning of “principalities and powers.” She asked me the source of my blog that described Debi Starnes dancing before Mayor Franklin. She asked me how the beheading of John the Baptizer related to the City of Atlanta. She asked me about the court reporter who took notes for an hour at the City Hall (Trinity Avenue) press release when the list of academics was published. She asked me who implemented that petition of signatures. She asked me my relationship to Dr. Chuck Steffen of Georgia State. She asked me if I had given the AJC a nickname. She asked me if Dave “Great News” Wardell was a member of the “principalities and powers.” She asked me the source of the name of the non-profit OUR FINE ARTS,THESE. She asked me if I recalled calling Debi Starnes a fly. She asked me the source of my comparing a fly to a thoroughbred. She asked me if I thought there was a pattern over the years on the part of the city to destroy the Task Force. She asked me if I had ever been a board member of the Task Force. She asked me did I know Rob Hunter’s position. She asked me if I had ever had a conversation with Horace Sibley. She asked me if the Baker Donelson attorneys represented me personally. She asked me if I had ever sought any legal assistance from any attorneys at Baker Donelson. She asked me for my models for my satirical pieces. Off the record she asked me if I liked Gamecock football coach Steve Spurrier. Incidentally, the full deposition of Horace Sibley, arrived today at Baker, Donelson. Let me promise you that you do not want to miss Sinon in all his glory.

That’s all for now. When I receive my deposition I’ll post every word. If you are one of the few praying and pulling for the Task Force against TEAM GOLIATH, you want to read my deposition in its entirety. If you are pleased to know that the death of the home of 750 homeless men is imminent, you might not relish that document.

This day, Fulton County Health Department officials visited the Peachtree Pine Shelter. Our very few staff members left reported that these officials have been alerted that the water for the 750 homeless people living there will be shut off by the City of Atlanta “IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS.” The department has alerted the Task Force staff and board that the 750 homeless people living there will not have to vacate the building if “POTABLE” water is available. That means as long as water to drink is available and water is available to flush the residents can remain. If that water is not available 750 homeless men will be at the mercy of Mercy Housing, Inc., Pete Walker, Atlanta United Way, City Hall, Horace Sibley, Shirley Franklin, Jack Hardin, Paul Kelman, Deepsix Biswas, Bonnie Ware, Milton Little, and the places of worship along the sanitized corridor.

PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. WE MUST HAVE WATER, DRINKING WATER AND FLUSHING WATER. PLEASE CALL THE TASK FORCE. CALL ME (404) 787-1086. Four WATER BUFFALOS would keep us inside, but bottled water is just as important. Thank you and God bless!!!

James Wilson Beaty, PhD
Jeremiah 22.16
February 3, 2010