Since Atlanta Mayor KR is going to tear down Peachtree Pine and build a new fire station, will he provide fireman’s caps for the 500 men who’ll be sleeping in the red fire engines and hanging out the windows. We can pray that his great leadership will cause this to happen by Christmas. Pretty red fire engines will brighten the drug infested streets around the Pine. Those streets are cluttered with pimps and whores and drug dealers by design. The front door to Precinct 5 opens 80 feet from heavy 24-7 drug trafficking. Could this be by accident. Move those drug business people down around the Commerce Club and watch how long they contemplate and procrastinate and defecate and urinate and masturbate in front of those courageous worthies.

Fulton County Health Department if anyone cared to check the facts has worked daily monitoring TB at Peachtree Pine. I wonder if they have visited City Hall or better yet the questionable, crack CDC? “Visiting” brings to mind a call I received today from a prominent Presbyterian minister. A bit irate, he asked if the Mayor had ever visited Peachtree Pine. I told the inquirer that if he had visited the facility as Mayor, I didn’t know it. He came by, I believe, when he was campaigning. And some of the men were excited that he may come back after the election. Sixty-nine people elected him twice. We have not seen him at the Pine. Perhaps, he drives by as did his predecessor, Shirley of the golden tresses. Ask about the latest appeal won by Baker Donelson attorneys hours before the Commerce Club Conflagration.

James Wilson Beaty
Jeremiah 22:16
August 12, 2015

At Atlanta’s prestigeous Commerce Club on Thursday night, April 8, 2010,  Attorney Horace Sibley was given The Public Service Award for 2009, having served as chair of  THE UNITED WAY’S  REGIONAL COMMISSION ON HOMELESSNESS.*  This high award is given by the Georgia State University College of Law.  Sibley has ended homelessness as he defines it. 

The only “chronically” homeless people left in Atlanta, according to Sibley and his “Regional Commission*” are the 750 men “warehoused” at the “poorly operated” Peachtree Pine shelter, the Atlanta Task Force’s blight at 475 Peachtree Street.  Sibley was deposed by Baker Donelson attorneys on January 13, 2010 where he said under oath that the “chronically” homeless men at Peachtree Pine could all be housed by United Way in one day if his bunch could just get their hands on them.  Milton ($500,000) Little, President of United Way, wrote the same thing in a letter to Bob Cramer, Task Force Chair.  

Sibley and Starnes moan and bitch that Task Force members of the staff vehemently refuse to provide them the daily sign-in sheets of the residents.  This twin team of experts wants names and social security numbers so that they can jail any who have outstanding warrants. Anything to close the Pine and anything to get “those people” out of hallowed downtown!!  Perhaps Attorney Sibley and Czar Starnes don’t know that the Task Force would be breaking a law if that information were furnished to them or to anyone else. 

Whlie Sibley was being AWARDED at the Commerce Club for a job well done for the homeless for the last 8 years, Debi Mae Starnes was being REWARDED for all she has done for more years than we want to know.  She has done so much that the City of Atlanta’s Board of Ethics is investigating 7 counts of possible conflicts of interest. 

Her $100,000 salary is paid by Jack “train wreck” Hardin at United Way.  Wait a minute.  The check is written by United Way.  Wait another minute!  Ninety-thousand ($90,000) comes from ADID (Atlanta Downtown Improvement Development), the in-house leach attached to CAP.  Just a minute!  Hold everything!  Is that correct?   Yes, that is right; the ninety grand comes from ADID and is laundered to and through CAP who gets the $90,000 over to Jack Hardin, the Chairman of the United Way Board.  Then Starnes is paid by UW.  It’s no wonder that “Debi Does Atlanta” can’t  remember which downtown hotel or hotels pay the remaining $10,000. 

I don’t see any problem other than money laundering and racketeering.  The fact that Debi’s Tri-Jurisdictional Continuum of Care rigs and manipulates applications shouldn’t bother a board of ethics, surely not one associated with this city hall.  After she decides who gets and does not get funding, her consulting business, EMSTAR, is paid by some of those she has approved for funding.  Oh, yes.  United Way pays EMSTAR a consulting fee.  How could that be wrong?  The Mayor and City Council have known about these shady shenanigans for years.  Don’t forget we are in Bill Campbell’s ATLANTA.  

 Explaining the name EMSTAR, “Debi Does Atlanta” said in her deposition, “I’m the STAR.”  And she is the STAR without question!!  Being paid with United Way checks and working for the Mayor and A. J. Robinson at CAP should not upset any Atlanta “ethics” body.  I read just last night in one of the 500 emails confiscated from our business nerve downtown that” Debi was supposed to have gotten to me (A. J. Robinson) the names of Anita’s lawyers and their clients.” 

That email was sent by A. J. “we’re all kind of mystified” Robinson to Richard “We’re in” Orr.  “We’re in” said he would get right on it.  He did.  The long list of cities where Baker Donelson has law firms was confiscated with all other discovery.  Did A. J. “We’re all kind of mystified” Robinson not know that the “Baker” of Baker Donelson is Senator Howard Baker of Tennessee?  When A. J. called Sam Williams at The Chamber Pot, Robinson complained bitterly that Baker Donelson was on the wrong side of this lawsuit, against The City and against business interests and against I don’t know what all.  We need to get to their clients. 

I won’t bore you with any of the other accusations leveled against the STAR since they could not possibly matter.  Little Miss Debi is one of the safe ones.  Like Richard Orr, “She’s in.”  Remember Captain Bingham.  Clubs do not club their own.

*  I try to remember to (*) The United Way Regional Commission on Homelessness.*  Starnes and Sibley throughout their depositions used this name.  A. J. used it a time or two.  I don’t know if Orr knows it.  An organization of this appellation has never existed.  Each time that they use it is really more than inaccurate; it’s untrue and deliberately misleading.  I have stated before that Starnes and Sibley went to their cronies in the Georgia Legislature hoping the Legislature would make this monster an authority.  With the help of people like Nan Orrock, the idiot proposal passed the legislature, probably unanimously.  But the Governor vetoed the bill saying that homelessness is a City of Atlanta problem, not a regional problem.  The Governor knows Authorities get State funding. 

James Wilson Beaty, PhD
Jeremiah 22.16
April 9, 2010