November 23, 2015

The piece below, posted over two years ago, appears to have come true.  David goes to trial!  (See upcoming post for TEAM GOLIATH”s latest EXPOSURE by The Georgia Supreme Court)

Is The Handwriting On The Wall?

September 17, 2013

Daniel and his three Jewish buddies, Shadrach, Meshech and Abednego are vegetarians and do not eat King Nebuchadnezzar’s cheeseburgers or French fries. The four are captives taken from Jerusalem when the Babylonians burned the Temple, leveled the palace and carried 10,000 Jerusalemites off to captivity in 587 b. c. e. Nebuchadnezzar is a butcher and a self-proclaimed doer of all good. Any wonder he had bad dreams. He called in all his wise men, downtown geniuses, soothsayers, priests and anybody he could find who might interpret a particular dream. Because Daniel and his three buddies were brighter and stronger than the Babylonians around them, King Nebuchadnezzar placed the four men in his service. Because Daniel tells the king his dream and the dream’s meaning, he is well known in the kingdom as an interpreter of dreams and strange events.

Chapter 5 of the Book of Daniel in the Hebrew Bible, (Jewish theologian Marc Ellis correctly calls it The Older Testament,) relates this story of King Belshazzar and how the fingers of a man’s hand write words on the wall. If you enjoy a chilling story, read on. If you are a practicing member of the TEAM GOLIATH conspiracy, you might not want to read any more. If you love justice and pray that somehow, somewhere, someday it may prevail, read the fifth chapter of Daniel. Babylonian King Belshazzar is Nebuchadnezzar’s grandson, not his son as Daniel reports. Chapter 5 describes how Belshazzar gave a great banquet for a thousand of his nobles and drank wine with them.

Belshazzar’s party brings to mind Herod’s Antipas’s party where John the Baptist’s head is brought in on a platter at the request of Salome. My blog entitled “The HAG Delivers Again” features a similar Shirley Franklin party where Debi Starnes is urged by the Mayor of the golden tresses to bring in the head of the troubling, Anita Beaty, the truth-teller who refuses to obey the empire. This is a Swiftian modest proposal. It’s called satire and not history as some moron at Franklin’s City Hall implied. That is a blog I posted on 13 April 2009, entitled, “The Hag Delivers Again.”

Daniel 5:8 reads, “Then all the king’s wise men came in, but they could not read the writing or tell the king what it meant. So King Belshazzar became even more terrified and his face grew pale. His nobles were baffled.” The word “baffled” is a synonym of A. J. Robinson’s word, “mystified.” He used that with a reporter from the ATLANTA JOURNAL CONSTITUTION in responding to Debi Starnes’ invention years ago that a “lice-infestation” was occurring at the Peachtree-Pine Community. See my piece entitled, “What’s In A Middle Name?” posted on 19 April 2011.

At Belshazzar’s party the nobles are baffled. At Central Atlanta Progress the noble A. J. Robinson is “mystified” by the report. Those of us who follow Starnes’ yarns were not able to “interpret” Robinson’s word: “mystified.” Was good A. J. confused by the Homeless Czar’s lie or by the possibility of a lice infestation. Whichever, Fulton County Health Department set straight the record by refuting Starnes’ fabrication saying to the press that there was no infestation of lice present or past at The Pine.
Belshazzar read the handwriting on the wall, “MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN. Daniel came and interpreted,” verses 26-28 of Chapter 5: “God has numbered the days of your reign and brought it to an end. You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting. Your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians. Daniel 5:30 closes the book on King Belshazzar and his particular chapter of the empire, “That very night Belshazzar, king of the Babylonians, was slain, and Darius the Mede took over the kingdom, at the age of sixty-two.”

Suddenly the fingers of a human hand appeared and wrote on the plaster of the wall, near the lampstand in the royal palace. The king watched the hand as it wrote. His face turned pale and he was so frightened that his knees knocked together and his legs gave way.

Is the handwriting on the wall? Will a jury of their peers hear evidence that exposes Central Atlanta Progress, (CAP); Atlanta Downtown Improvement District, (ADID) and Manny Fialkow’s Premium Funding Solutions of TORTIOUS INTERFERENCE and the RICO Act RACKETEERING against a HOMELESS shelter? Will the trial set for November 4, 2013 really take place? Will the lampstand in the royal courtroom reveal the conspiracy? Is the handwriting on the wall? Could power brokers and movers and shakers who have dodged being deposed for two years have to face a jury of their peers? Is the handwriting on the wall?

Will thousands of documents sent back and forth between the City of Atlanta and all the accused bubble to the surface of this cesspool? Is the handwriting on the wall? The principalities almost always win; however, empires crumble, always. Your good ole boy system in Atlanta runs deep and wide. But on rare, very rare occasions, justice prevails even in Atlanta. We still have two boxes, the jury box and the ballot box. Somehow, just somehow perhaps, justice will prevail. Oh, Lord, what a morning when the stars begin to fall.

My friends, some of my neighbors and several of my relatives chide me gently for my speaking of “God’s burning rain,” Atlanta as “Sin-City,” “when the stars begin to fall,” and now Daniel’s “handwriting on the wall.” I know that the City of Atlanta has the protection of a federal judge in a ruling called sovereign immunity. Of course the City as a tool of TEAM GOLIATH carries the club’s water. The Club’s water carrier has to be protected too.

Everyone knows you can’t sue the king even when he murders two of his wives. And if every judge in the EMPIRE renders the principalities and powers “IMMUNE,” there is still a higher court. There’s Jim Lee Scott’s and Dr. King’s arc of the universe. The hundreds of women and children homeless and helpless on the streets of Atlanta INDICT City Hall, City Council, the Innovation $3.3M Delivery Team, The United Way, The Gateway, The Gateway Board of Directors boasting such luminaries as Jack Hardin and Little Miss Debi. Is the handwriting writing on the wall?

Emory University and Emory Health Care, Inc. face a similar lawsuit in the Superior Court of DeKalb County. The charges they face are basically the same as those of the downtown conspirators. Emory is by far the largest member of TEAM GOLIATH. How could snow-white Emory be involved with disappearing a shelter near downtown Atlanta? Emory Hospital is located almost directly across the street from The Pine on Peachtree Street. Many of the uppity ups in the Emory hierarchy break out in hives at the thought of Peachtree Pine being located so near. Its food court is off limits to any of the residents of the Peachtree-Pine Community. And closely following Emory’s hatred of Black men surfaces its love for a 96,000 square foot property facing on hallowed Peachtree Street. Is the writing on the wall? The connections between Emory and the nun-run Mercy Housing, Inc. and Central Atlanta Progress and Manny Fialkow and the SOVEREIGNLY IMMUNE City and Emory University and Emory Health Care, Inc. are a matter of record. Is the handwriting on the wall?

The King James 1611 translates the chilling words, “You are weighed in the balances and found wanting.” The NIV reads, “You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting.” The scales of JUSTICE never balance for conspirators such as TEAM GOLIATH. Is the handwriting on the wall? The most recent atrocity of TEAM GOLIATH flooding the streets downtown with homeless women and children is beyond description. Emory Health Care stands accused by innocent little children who don’t know where they will spend their next hour. The Gateway Board of Directors closed its doors to ready itself for the men at The Pine when Manny Fialkow and our judicial system finish the job of stealing the building. (See my piece, (“Naboth’s Peachtree Pine” posted October 26, 2011) The nuns of Mercy Housing, Inc., a huge arm of the conspiracy, have joined hands with Horace Sibley and Manny Fialkow to force Peachtree Pine into foreclosure. One nun wrote (I have the e-mail) that the City of Atlanta will be in Mercy Housing’s debt for helping to put them in foreclosure. Imagine the NUNS of mercy and MANNY FIALKOW as bedfellows. Is the handwriting on the wall? Oh, Lord, what a morning!

James Wilson Beaty
Jeremiah 22:16
September 17, 2013


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