Ghetto Living Is Costly

June 23, 2011

I live in the ghetto on the bad side of I – 20 in Atlanta. I live there with two other adults, a cat named Puddin, a cocker named Arthur and a Newfoundland named Merlin. Should the Lord tarry, I’ll soon have four hens and a rooster named Spurrier. We live humbly not by choice. My most recent water bill came today from the City of Atlanta. The total due by July 4 is $271.16. The balance forward is 0.00. The water base charge is $5.86. The water usage charges is $70.71. The sewer base charge is $5.86. The Sewer Usage Charges is $188.73.

For several months several businesses dug up the streets around my ghetto house. I asked the nice workers about the diggin in the streets. They articulated “SEWAGE.” A sign on the Gin Rose Store up by Daddy D’z says something about $13,000,000 for a study on sewage or something. I told that nice worker that I was so very glad to help the City with this sewage thing; however, I didn’t want to pay it all myself.

With Shirley Franklin and our crack city government looking after us, we can sleep nights. Thank God for our leaders from the White House to the Outhouse. Do those City Water Mismanagement folks know that Anita Beaty lives in this house? Incidentally, this $271.16 is about average for the last 13 months.

James Wilson Beaty
Jeremiah 22.16
June 23, 2011


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